<Experiment log; SCP-5031-E69-01>

00:25 - Subject enters the testing facility - small room with dimmed red light, a king size bed with black silk bedding, mirrored ceiling and semitransparent mirror on the wall for observation

00:45 - <Dr. Longtail, via intercomm>: "Please, sit down." Subject heads towards the bed, sitting down on the edge.

01:25 - Dr. Longtail enters the room, wearing nothing but black lingerie with stockings and belt and black choker with a vital signs monitoring sensors

SCP-5031: Hey, doc, I don't really...
Dr. Longtail: Laura, you can call me Laura.
SCP-5031: O.. okay, Laura, what kind of experiment is this one?
Dr. Longtail: [Approaches the Subject and cups his cheek] A necessary one, [____].

03:00 - Approximated end of test, failed, no safe word used
[Dr. Clawsky and Dr. Volf are leaving the control room for a smoking break.]

Dr. Clawsky: No way, if he'll pass the 5 minute mark, I'll amnesticise myself. No absolute way.

03:40 - Approximated end of test, failed, no safe word used
04:30 - Approximated end of test, failed, no safe word used

05:10 - Approximated end of test, failed, no safe word used

Dr. Tsujiura: turn the approximation off, this thing is getting annoying, let's just keep an eye on a vital signs and prepare stun guns. We'll see how it goes.
Dr. Vixio is leaving, running towards the ladies' room.

06:45 - Dr. Longtail [DATA EXPUNGED] locking her legs around the Subject's waist, clawing his back [DATA EXPUNGED] No safe word used.

07:10 - Dr. Vixio entering the room, with shaky legs and messy hair.

07:55 - Subject holds Dr's Longtail h[___]s, nuzzling her neck. No safe word used. Heart rate is in a red zone, as well as serotonin and oxytocin levels. Dr. Vixio is leaving the room again.

08:30 - Dr's Longtail speech is unrecognisable, only consists of moans and yelps, the only recognizable words are "Don't stop" and "[___] in me".

10:30 - End of test, success, no safe word used. Dr. Longtail seems to be unconscious.

11:00 - Dr. Longtail is recovering, looking straight into the mirror ceiling.

SCP-5031: I'm really sorry...[Puts his arm around her shoulders]
Dr. Longtail: [turns her head towards him, breathing heavily] What?
SCP-5031: I was really eager, and you are such a hottie... I couldn't hold it any longer, but let me rest a bit, and we'll good to go another round.
Dr. Longtail: No, wait a minute, let me rest for a while... Like, a week or two...

13:30 - SCP-5031 and Dr. Longtail were provided with fresh cold water.

SCP-5031: Thank you, waiter! Keep youself an extra 10% tip! [Waves his hand at the semitransparent mirror]. So how's the experiment going?
Dr. Longtail: [drinking water] Way ahead of the plan.
SCP-5031: And what's the results?
Dr. Longtail: [smiling] Outstanding.

21:00 - Subject is brushing the Dr's Longtail tail.

SCP-5031: So, how about another one?
Dr. Longtail: One more minute, okay? I just... need to relax a bit.
SCP-5031: I have an idea, it may be interesting for you as for resercher. [Reaches his hand up] What do you see here?
Dr. Longtail: A hand?
SCP-5031: Not just a hand, but a five smooth dextrous fingers with no sharp claws. [Pulls her closer and kisses her snout] And a pair of soft lips with a nimble tongue.
Dr. Longtail: Wait...Wait...Wait... No, no, no, wait, wait, wait!

21:20 - Subject starts kissing the Dr's Longtail body, moving from her neck down to [DATA EXPUNGED] No safe word used.

Dr. Longtail Experiment Notes

...[_] is 1[_] cm long, veiny, without any barbs, knots or other features, skin is soft and motile...
_] is clear, colorless, viscous salty fluid, produced in a small amount...
] is thick fluid. translucent with white tint, salty with some strong taste...

<Dr. Paw, biologist>: Do we really need THIS kind of information here?
<Dr. Tsujiura, the head of Site 17 xenobiology lab> Yes, we do.

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