Story about how Anon's friendship with a gym Lioness.

be anon
currently in college, third year
right now you're sweating your ass off at the gym
your gym partner is a female lion who's also your best friend
her name is Tali
she's fit
like really fit
rippling muscles yet just the right amount of curves on her body
shes not a walking meathead but no mammal ever messes with her.
she has creamy brownish fur with a light tannish color on her front torso and a small red mohawk
quite frankly she looks gorgeous
she was always worried about your health and your eating habits so she decided to start dragging you to the gym
doing things like helping you with stretches and warmups, spotting you at the bench racks, running with you on the track
your first few weeks were a nightmare
every day your body ached because of how hard she pushed you
the soreness passed but you still hated the gym
on some days, you were even late
your female feline friend is undoubtedly concerned
you tell her that you're fine
in reality, you don't want to disappoint her so you avoid the truth.
she still doesn't buy it but then oddly doesn't question it at all
you think you made her mad!
1 week later however...
lately things have been getting..."weird"
during your warmup sessions, you swear she was giving a view of her cleavage on purpose
while you were benching, she hovering her pelvis a biiiit to close to your head.
a few times, she "accidentally" rubbed her pelvis in your face.
and when running on the track, she used to run beside you.
now she runs in front of you
with extremely high shorts and the tightest sports bra you've ever seen her wear.
basically giving you front row seats to watch her firm ass bounce while she jogs in front of you
when you were laggin in speed, she would jog backwards while her boobs bounced away
you swear you noticed her smirking at you when she caught you gawking at her
this didn't make you uncomfortable though
in fact you very much liked the show she gave you
and in turn, motivated you to work out more with her
you now show up every day on time.
sometimes even 10 minutes early
your progress has also gotten better at the gym too over time.

One day something terrible happened
while Tali was working on her clean and jerk sets, her hands slipped
225lbs of weight came crashing down on her left foot
Shattered few bones in the process
she's crying and in tears
using your newfound strength you hoist her to your car
you rushed her to the hospital to get patched up
doctors tell her that her foot can recover but she has to stay off of it for nearly 8 weeks
this absolutely wrecks her.
if there is one thing she really hates, its sitting around and doing nothing.
the next day, you go to the gym by yourself
while in the middle of your jog you hear your phone going off
you check it to see that you received a text from your friend.
"Hey anon, could you come over? I've been sitting in this dang house all day and I'm really bored.. :("
you smile to yourself and text back: "ok, I'll be there. Finishing up my last lap"
you finish your workout and head to your car
luckily her place wasnt that far away
you arrive at her house where you're greeted by a bone crushing lioness hug
you also see her on crutches
poor girl loathes them
she tells you how hard it is to walk around with them, but at least she can still drive.
even without her left foot, she can still be pretty mobile.
but after awhile the crutches tend to hurt so she needs to take breaks from walking
which leaves her insanely bored
the two of you talk until the sun sets.
you decide that you needed to head out, it was getting pretty late anyway
she her ears droop a bit, but she gives you a warm smile
"Can you please stop by tomorrow? Same time maybe?"
you nod, give her a hug and wish her well before heading back to your place.
when you reach home, you flop on to your bed.
your mind flooded with lingering thoughts of Tali before you drift asleep..

the following weeks that go by, you continue to follow this routine.
right after the gym, you spend some time with you lioness friend at her place.
the two of you would watch TV or put on some random movie
sometimes the two of you would simply chat.
but even with a broken foot, she would still try to cook for you to make sure you're getting proper nutrients.
of course, you would help her cook too since you were a gentleman
Tali also took notice of your gym progress too.
a good portion of pudge you had was replaced with firm muscles.
you weren't ripped, but it's certainly better than the body you had before.
her mood has gotten a lot better seeing you more in shape
she even confessed to you that she "teased" you a bit in hopes of you taking more of the initiative to show up to the gym
you blush and tell her that it definitely work
in your mind though, you wasn't too sure if she really liked you that way, so you set your hopeful thoughts aside for now.
after a total of 8 weeks, Tali goes back to the doctor
her foot is completely healed now!
thanks to modern medicine, her foot is better than it was before.
you don't question it, but hey it works.
however part of you is really sad since you found yourself enjoying the time you two spent together at her place.
she looks sad about it too...
aw poor girl
the next day you two meet up at the gym
Tali is shocked by your achievements
you're benching 245lbs 5 times each set
your squats improved in form and weight
you're almost keeping up with her on the track!

after exercising, you and Tali do your cool-down stretches.
Tali looks at you and smiles.
"Hey Anon... after we finish up.. wanna head back to my place?"
you blink
Tali never liked hanging out after the gym
it was usually "class, gym, meal-prep, sleep" for her
you guess it was due to her foot putting her out of commission for awhile that changed her mindset
maybe she really did like you after all
you nod, saying that you would be happy to do so.
she grins happily
"Ok anon, don't be late!"
she heads out while you stay to hit the showers
you don't want to stink up the place, plus you needed it since you worked out harder today than any other day since Tali was back.
you scrub the dirt away, thinking about today's workout
images of Tali's body flood your mind
her supple breasts dangling in front of you while she bent over to stretch her hamstrings
her tantalizing ass pressing up against your crotch while you spotted behind her during squats
No brain! Bad!
you shake the vivid pictures from your head
you finished showering and put your fresh clothes on.
stepping out of the building, you start your car to meet up with Tali as planned.

Tali greets you with a hug and a few cheek nuzzles
you hug her back, taking in how soft her short fur feels.
after you get settled, she picks out another movie
its some film about a retired boxer training a promising prodigy to greatness
she always loves these types of movies
you both huddle up against each other.
you really wasn't paying attention to the movie at all
neither was Tali, seeing how she had her head in your lap while you gave her head and neck scritches.
she's purring loudly
its like someone placed a motor in your lap.
while cute, its giving you other sensations
you can slowly feel your shorts tighten as you begin to grow chub
'Damn it, not now boner!'
through sheer will and subtle muscle flexing you managed to suppress it.
the movie finally finishes and Tali rises her head from your lap, stretching in the process.
she gives you more lazy nuzzles.
"Hey Anon, since we don't have class tomorrow, you can crash here"
that's right it's the weekend tomorrow
you agree to stay and prepare to lay on the couch
she flicks the light off for you and walks to her bedroom
"Night Anon"

you jolt up in a fit of panic
'wtf was that noise' you thought
you look around and see that everything is dark
a few dim lights were on before you went to sleep
the power went out
you notice the faint pitter patter of rain
and then a flash of light
'oh shit'
your eyes immediately go wide as your head turns towards Tali's room
Tali hates storms
Ever since you met Tali, you've known about her fear of thunderstorms
on several occasions you drove through pouring rain just to comfort her.
'something about lightning and cats don't mix', you ended up saying to yourself
bolting to Tali's door, you knock
No response
"Tali are you ok?"
still no response
you're worried at this point but you urgently want to check on your friend
you give her a warning that you're opening the door
and the site of what you see melts your heart.

Tali has all of her blankets coiled around her
her ears are covered and she is shaking badly
tears are streaming down from her face as she faces away from the window, towards the door
you quickly rush to her
and as a response, she opens up her blanket cocoon to let you in.
you shush her, telling her it'll be ok
she nods her head slowly, still shaking but not as bad.
she then squeezes you tightly as you rub her back in a caring manner.
the two stay like this for some time, until you both drift off to sleep.

morning arrives and the dim sunlight pierces through the blinds
your mind his groggy but it suddenly clears as you realize you're still in bed with Tali
she's still has her arms around you, treating you like a little spoon
your face is beet red right now
mostly because she's in her underwear while you were in some shorts
and you can't move because she has a tight grip around your body
she's even purring fairly loudly as well
while you've hanged around Tali a lot before, you've never been this close to her.
but if she trusts you this much, then maybe...?
suddenly you can feel Tali stirring awake
she grumbles a bit before burying her face in your neck
"Mornin' anon..."
you stifle a response in return
"h-hey tali. y-you ok?"
her grip tightens around your body
"yeah anon, thanks for spending the night with me"
you place one of your hands on her muscled arms
"h-hey no problem, i knew the storm would scare you so I wanted to make sure you were ok." you said sheepishly
while saying this, you comfort her even further while rubbing your hand on her arm
Tali nuzzles you again
"I mean it, you know? You took care of me all this time when my foot was being healed. I really appreciate that anon"
truth be told, it's not like you had anything else to do.
but you really enjoyed her company
like "really" enjoyed her company
she was the only woman in your life that you truly enjoyed spending time with.
but you wasn't sure if she felt the same about you.
you observe your situation yet again
in bed.
half naked with Tali
fuck it we ballin'
you summon the courage from the elder gods
you inhale
you exhale
finally you utter the words that will make or break your friendship
"Tali....are you happy with us being just friends?"
at that moment you swear you could feel Tali's heart beat increasing
oh shit you fucked it up
you brace for rejection
"...I've been waiting for you to make a move all this time"
oh shit it worked
Tali continues "I know I teased you before, and that was only to get you to work out...but when you showed up to my place more, I guess my feelings for you started to grow"
internally, you're doing back flips
you pour your heart to her, saying that you had her on your mind lately while Tali says the same about you.
you feel Tali's hands slowly rub your chest.
suddenly, she flips your body so that she's facing you.
the two of you are seriously close now.
so close that you can feel her breath washing over your face.
and her boobs against your chest
the air is getting heavy as the two of you lean even closer
until your lips finally meet.
both of you eagerly kiss each other, cementing your feelings for one another.
Tali hands were around your neck, pulling you tight in her embrace
You hands gripped her toned waist
as the two of you part, you feel like a deep fire has been awaken within you.
You then noticed that Tali's eyes have widened as she glances down
You realize what she's looking at.
all this time you've been sporting the meanest morning wood since you woke up
and it's prodding directly against her groin
instinctively you pull away to cover yourself, sitting up in the process
Tali simply giggles at your behavior
"relax anon, it's not like I won't see it eventually"
you look at her, still blushing from damn near exposing yourself.
"We don't need to rush things either...I prefer to take things slow.."
you see her eyes drift away from your gaze, her ears drooping slightly
"I know I'm ready for a relationship but...I still think I need time before...that"
you smile and tell you that you completely understand.
you pull her in for a hug, and her ear immediately perk back up
"however, we can still keep kissing if you want to Anon~"
you give her a sly smile
and then assault Tali with another kiss.

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