A male friend from work was expected to arrive to help her with the items she and her friend couldn’t manage: her queen-sized mattress, her dresser, and her couch. However, he just called with bad news: he had wrenched his back that morning and wouldn’t be able to help.

She needed the furniture out of the moving van that day so she could return it. As it was a gorgeous early summer day, LeeAnn couldn’t find any available male friends to help. She was about to reluctantly call her ex when she noticed two capable-looking men across the street.

They were just starting a small landscaping project for a neighbor. She thought she persuade them to help her out since they hadn’t been working too long. Then a devious idea popped into her head. Since her divorce, she had been sowing some wild oats. She was only 37 and while not incredibly fit, she carried her soft curves very well. It helped that her waist was still narrow; it accented her D cup breasts and wide hips. She hadn’t had a problem about getting laid when she wanted it.

LeeAnn quickly outlined her striking blue eyes with mascara to make them pop. She removed her sweatshirt and adjusted her large bosom in the dark grey sports bra she had on. Her thick nipples always poke through normal material even when they are not stiff, so they were beacons in this top. Her shorts were cut high on her thighs and hugged her shapely, round ass perfectly. She felt certain that they’d be willing to help her ... for free.

The younger one noticed her jog across the road to them. Her large breasts bounced despite the sports bra’s support. Her nipples got more prominent as they hardened in excitement.

"Hey fellas," she said with her best smile, "I really need your muscles for just a few minutes."

The older one looked up at her and then down to her tits. He took in their size, the cleavage created by the sports bra, and her impressive nipples. Then he looked at her; she smiled at him, knowing that she had him hooked.

"What do you need, miss?"

She explained the situation to them. As they looked at each other for a decision, she added, "I can give you $20 each. For 5 minutes of work. And I’ll be really grateful. Please?"

The older one shrugged his shoulders and said, "Sure, why not?" He was interested in the money but even more intrigued to see how grateful she would be. The inflection in her voice had to mean something.

"Oh thank you so much!!"

At the van, LeeAnn explained to them that she wanted the dresser and mattress moved upstairs first and then the couch. She noticed that while the older one was more surreptitious about checking her out, the younger one could hardly keep his eyes off of her tits.

Up close, neither looked like the type of guy she’d consider. The older guy was in his 30s, just a few inches taller than her, and very stout. He had a goatee and stubble and was losing his hair. The younger one was maybe in his early 20s; tall and lean with a frankly ugly face. They would be perfect for a stranger fuck. She already felt her pussy getting wet thinking about it.

As the guys went back downstairs to get her couch, LeeAnn put a sheet on the mattress and checked herself in her mirror. She removed her bra, kicked off her sandals, and removed her shorts. When she heard them arrive at the top of the stairs, she stuck her head out of the bedroom and reminded them to put the couch along the far wall.

They came back out of the room to see LeeAnn in the bedroom doorway, standing in only her panties. Her conical tits hung a bit due to their size, and their density. Her nipples pointed downward just a bit with her tits unsupported, but not in an unpleasant way. Her light blue panties consisted of a small triangle in the front that barely covered her sandy brown bush. Their strings crossed over her generous hips to the back.

"I thought I had cash in my purse, but I don’t. Can I compensate y’all in another way for your hard work?"

"Fuck yes you can, lady," replied the older one as he stepped toward her. The younger one hesitated, in shock at the naked woman posing in front of them.

LeeAnn turned away and they saw her ass: large, firm round cheeks peaking out from her panties. It swayed provocatively as she strode away.

She turned and sat on the edge of her bed as the workers entered her bedroom. She felt a tingle in her pussy as they undressed.

The older man was powerfully built and revealed a very hairy torso as he removed his shirt. He took off his shoes and then pulled down his pants and underwear in one motion. His short, fat cock was already expanding.

The younger one left his shirt on but lowered his cargo shorts and then his boxers to his ankles. His cock was already mostly erect, sticking straight out from his lean frame. It grew in length but not as much in girth, except for its bulbous head.

"Come closer, boys," she cooed and they stepped to her.

She grasped each cock and began to stroke them. Her petite right hand could not wrap around the older man’s thick member; it was only about 6 inches long but was thicker than any cock she’d experienced before. It felt very heavy in her hand, and was more firm than hard.

The younger man’s dick was the exact opposite: incredibly hard and curved upward with a fat, flared mushroom head. She leaned forward and ran her saliva covered tongue over the head to wet it. Once it and the end of his shaft was well lubricated, she slid her loosened grip over the engorged glans and shaft, and then turned her attention to the robust sausage in her other hand.

LeeAnn opened her mouth as much as she could and eased the older man’s cock inside. It filled her mouth completely and she sucked on it, quivering her tongue against its underside. Holding it by its base, then she carefully bobbed her head on it, drawing her lips over his skin. The sweaty musk of his thick pubic hair filled her nostrils. Here she was, sucking the cocks of two men she met moments before. Her blatantly wanton behavior made her a bit dizzy.

"You know your way around a dick, don’t you, honey" the older man said. He placed his hand on the back of her head, guiding her motions.

LeeAnn moaned "mmm-hmm" as she looked up at him with her blue eyes. After a minute, she eased off of his dick and squeezed it as she began to stroke it.

The spit on the younger man’s prick had been rubbed away by her strokes, so she returned to it, sliding the glans in and out of her mouth.

The older man reached down and grabbed her right tit. His fingers pressed into her spongy flesh and he felt her nipple and areola harden against his palm. He alternated squeezing her tit and pinching/pulling on her nipple. His rough treatment caused her already yearning pussy to flood with juices. She needed to get fucked now.

She directed the younger one to lay on the bed. She stood, turned her back to the older man, and then bent at the waist, presenting her ass to the older man.

"Fuck me with that big cock", she purred. The older man pulled her panties down to her feet. LeeAnn stepped out of them and spread her feet wide apart for him. He saw wisps of hair around her hole, soaked with her excitement. Her inner lips were swollen and glistening. He gripped his cock and ran its head up and down her lips.

As she anticipated feeling his girthy cock stretch her, LeeAnn grabbed the younger one’s dick and began running her mouth all over its flared helmet. She lapped the precum leaking from his dick hole. She then licked down and underneath the helmet ridges and the younger man moaned loudly.

At last, the older man’s pointy dickhead pushed between her pussy lips. Once it entered her, he pushed hard, impaling her up to his shaft’s fat, swollen base. LeeAnn grunted and exhaled audibly. It felt like a summer sausage had been stuffed into her pussy, which clamped tight against the invader.

"Oh that’s what you wanted, isn’t it, you dirty little slut!"

She pushed back against him, forcing the final inch into her. She felt his pubic hair press against her anus and ass cheeks. His taunt stimulated her further and she felt a slight spasm ripple from her pussy up her spine. She certainly was a slut, offering her body to be used by these strangers.

The older man held her fleshy hips tight as he pulled back and plunged forward. Her well-lubricated cunt allowed for a smooth though tight rhythm. LeeAnn’s attention to the younger one’s cock waned as the forceful thrusts overwhelmed her. She only managed to stroke his cock now as an orgasm quickly built up from her pussy.

"Oh my god! Oh god! Oh fuck me fuck me fuck me! UH! UGHHHHH!"

The orgasm tore through her with such a surge that the older man’s cock slid out, coated with her thick sweet nectar. From the first time she fingered herself to orgasm, she loved the taste of her own cum. She’d always lick her fingers or dildos after masturbating. She was remembered by every man that had fucked her, no matter how fleeting the encounter was, as the girl who loved to clean off her lover’s post-coital cock.

As she recovered, the older man prepared to re-enter her and soak her uterus in his sperm.

She reached back and pressed her hand against his round, hairy belly.

"Please, let me clean my cum off of your fat dick," she pleaded.

"Sure, whatever you like, slut."

He motioned for the younger one to trade places with him. As they did, LeeAnn rolled onto her side. The younger one’s dick bounced in the air as he positioned himself to mount her sideways. The older one laid on his side with his slimy cock poised by her face. LeeAnn licked and sucked her cum off off his dick, relishing its familiar taste. She began to stroke his scrotum with her free hand, feeling his egg-sized balls within the hairy sack.

The younger one lifted her top leg up and pressed his mushroom cap glans into her pussy. She felt his big head press against her inner walls until it bottomed out. His cock was thinner than the older man’s, but impossibly rigid. After a series of long strokes, he felt his balls tingle. He withdrew until only his head was entering and exiting her pussy as he fucked her. LeeAnn moaned as she continued to suck on the other cock. The young one’s orgasm started as he slipped out, splattering her lips with his jizz. He thrust forward but his cock slid across her pussy as it flexed with his second squirt, which sprayed across her full bush and lower belly. LeeAnn grabbed his cock and tapped its head against her clit. The last of his seed dripped onto her inner thigh.

"My turn," exclaimed the older one and he powerfully pulled her around and onto her back. LeeAnn imagined him as a man who had accosted her and was now taking her by force. The idea further inflamed her desire.

He grabbed her tits and leaned over to suck a nipple into his mouth. It hardened and he felt the pebbly texture of her half-dollar areola on his tongue. He licked and sucked them hard.

"Fill me up, stud," LeeAnn moaned. This wanton experience had her on fire.

The older one slapped his fat cock on her pussy to harden it and then he thrust it hard into her.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Yes yes yes! Fuck me!"

With her legs splayed wide, he began the pound her cunt. She felt his balls slap against her ass. Her tits bounced with the force of his thrusts. Her soaked pussy squelched with each plunging. Another orgasm overtook her, but he did not pause his assault this time.

She reached up behind his head and pulled him down to her mouth. Their kisses were sloppy and aggressive. The older one laid his powerful torso on LeeAnn while he continued to plow his fat cock into her pussy. She felt overwhelmed, powerless, and completely submissive.

Once she felt his dick swell and stiffen, she panted, "You can ... ugh! ... cum ... ugh! ... wherever you ... UGH! ... want!"

"I’m going to cover your pretty fucking face!"

"Oh god yesss! Do it ..."

After three more thrusts, he pulled out and positioned his cock near her face. LeeAnn opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. With two pumps of his hand, cum began to pour out of its tip onto her tongue and chin and then a powerful squirt splashed across her face, leaving a mess of jizz from her hair to her mouth. Another voluminous rope landed on cheek and ran down to her neck. The third squirt landed directly into her waiting mouth, as did the next one. She swallowed twice to clear her throat as he dribbled the last of his sperm into her lips. She licked her lips clean and then took his spent cock into her mouth to savor their combined juices. She felt it soften in her mouth as she caressed his large, sweaty balls. His cock clean, she collapsed, on her mattress spent.

The older one got off the bed to gather his clothing. The younger one was cleaning himself up after jacking off while watching them finish.

"You let me know if you need anything else moved around, all right?"

LeeAnn smiled and wiped his cum into her mouth.

"Well, just stop by some time when you think I need something moved around," she replied. "And thank you both!"

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