I mean, come on; the skin-tight suits? The perfect bodies? The sexy smiles? It’s incredible how damn hot these guys are, not to mention the fact that they save our skins on a daily basis. It’s a huge turn-on… for me at least.
If you hadn’t guessed by now, I’m a little repressed on the sexual side. No, I’m not a virgin or some crazed sex freak. As a journalist for Picture News, I’m busy constantly and finding the time to maintain a romantic (or at least sexual) relationship is nearly impossible. Sure, I’ve got myself a cute, pink little vibrator in my sock drawer that I call upon before bed some nights, but of course it’s never going to be as good as the real thing. And boy was I missing out.
It had been almost a year since the last time I had sex. It was with a guy named Bobby, and in all honesty it was a one-night stand. He was a fantastic lover, but he never called me back afterwards. Is there something wrong with me?
God, there shouldn’t be. I’m 23 years old and in excellent physical shape. Exercise is in my daily schedule and I’m always on some sort of diet. I gotta keep that figure up if I want to become a famous news anchor someday, right?
Appearance-wise? I don’t deny the fact that I’m attractive. I was voted "Best Hair" (which is auburn, by the way) back in high school, and puberty had blessed me with a set of c-cups. Please don’t tell me it’s my personality then…
Yes, I’m a workaholic; sue me. I’m a single woman living in a modest apartment in Keystone City and I’m just trying to make a name for myself. But all in all it was beginning to seem impossible for me to get laid.
That was until the other night…
Remember all that stuff I said about superheroes? It’s not that I have a spandex fetish or anything, I just love a hero; and if you’re a girl living in Keystone City, your hero is The Flash.
You’ve probably read an article or two about The Flash. Hell, he’s the Fastest Man Alive! Some say he can run faster than the speed of light… He’s in the goddamn Justice League for crying out loud!
Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself… but you’ll understand why in a second. Back to the other night…
It was a typical Friday night for me. I was walking home from work, tired out and ready to go home, have a glass of wine, meet with Speedy (my nickname for my vibrator, since it makes me cum rather quickly) and call it a night. It’s a fairly moderate walk from my job to my apartment, but it’s not through the safest of areas.
Just about every week there seems to be a new gang running around Keystone City, and that night I had ran into The Jackals. It would figure that their new territory would be two blocks away from my place…
I can assure you that The Jackals were as uncreative as they come; the leader demanding my purse, the handful of followers making eyes at me. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t scared, in fact I had become terrified the moment the leader pulled out a switchblade.
That’s when it happened.
Within a blink of my eye, the entire gang was on the ground, most of whom were unconscious, with a couple left moaning in severe agony. Standing before me was a tall, confident-looking man clad in red and yellow tights; a gold lightning bolt stretched across his chest. It was The Flash. My hero.
"Evening, Miss," he had said. "Are you ok?"
"Sure." I had trouble forming the word out of pure awe at the hunk before me. He had the body of a runner, with excellent muscle structure that wasn’t too subtle yet not too overbearing. Underneath the scarlet cowl, he looked at me with shiny blue eyes. His smile was warm and inviting.
"Do you live far? I’d be happy to escort you home."
"Shouldn’t we call the police?"
Something seemed to skip a beat, maybe I had blinked too quickly, but I felt a soft burst of wind and a change in the air pressure. I had sworn I had seen The Flash move, but he still stood before me in the same position as before.
"They’ve already been notified."
"Ok… Well, I live a few blocks away, I think I can make it."
"Are you sure?"
"Honestly, miss…"
"West, Iris West."
"Honestly, Miss West. I won’t feel comfortable with myself until I know that you make it home safely."
Comfortable? I had thought. How do you think I feel, you hunk of a hero?
"Are you just gonna… zoom me home?"
"I’d be happy to walk you home, Miss West."
My heart skipped a beat. "You can call me Iris."
"Sure, Iris."
The walk to my apartment was a long and awkward one. Not only did I not know what to say to him, but we were getting looks from passersby every step of the way. The five minute trip felt like an eternity.
We got to my building safely and I fiddled in my purse to find my key.
"Well, here we are," I said, disappointed inside that we would have to separate.
"You have a good night, Miss—"
I acted on an impulse. "—Would you like to come up?" No! What the hell are you doing? He doesn’t want to ‘come up’! You sound so needy! "For a cup of coffee, perhaps?" Good, save it while you still can.
"Um… I guess that couldn’t hurt."
Fuck. What the hell did I do?
Another eternity later and we were in my apartment and I was making a fresh pot of coffee for The Flash. As the coffee brewed, I excused myself to my room, where I quickly threw off my work clothes and changed into something more comfortable. I made sure to add a fresh spritz of perfume. I returned to the kitchen and watched as he looked around my living room. He stopped at my bookcase at seemed to notice something.
"You’re a journalist?" He asked.
"I am, why?"
"Oh, I just saw your award here. ‘Journalist to Watch’, huh?"
"That’s nothing…"
"I doubt that. You must be a great writer."
I laughed. "You’ve never read my stuff?"
"Well, I’m kinda busy a lot…"
"Oh, sorry. I know what you mean."
"Yeah… Keystone is a busy city."
"Busy enough, I guess."
"You’d be surprised how much of the little things I have to pass by with a life like this."
"Really?" I was honestly surprised.
"Oh yeah. No time for reading the paper, no time to walk the dog, no time for a relationship, you know?"
That last part threw me off, big time. I tried to play it off. "You… have a dog?"
"I would if I could."
"Poor scamp would probably have a hard time keeping up with the Fastest Man Alive."
The Flash laughed, and I did too. Oh God, am I flirting? With The Flash?!
"You’re probably right," he chuckled. I looked away nervously.
The coffee maker beeped, and I went to get a mug. The only clean one? My Superman mug…
"Ah, Supes, eh?" The Flash mused as I handed him the mug.
"Yeah, he’s pretty neat."
"I know, I work with him from time to time."
"Really? What’s he like?"
"Kind of a tool."
I giggled harder than I would’ve like for him to have seen, and I blushed. I’m sure he noticed right away.
"Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great guy, he’s just… Superman, you know?"
"Oh, I bet. I always wanted to interview him but that Lois Lane over at the Daily Planet beat me to it…"
"Don’t even get me started on Batman…"
"Sheesh, that one gives me the creeps. Always running around in the dark?"
"You should see him in the daytime, like I have to."
We laughed some more, then sat in silence as we drank our coffees (I was drinking mine out of a glass.)
He finished his drink more quickly than I had hoped. I guess that’s what happens when you’re world’s fastest superhero.
"Thanks for the coffee, Iris. I really needed it."
"It’s the least I could do for you saving my ass back there… thank you."
The Flash got up from my breakfast nook and walked to the door.
"You’re very welcome. I’ll always be around."
He went to open the door, and the deepest, purest desire within me took over. I leaned in and planted a huge kiss on his lips.
To my surprise, he did not deny it, in fact he embraced it. I felt his arms wrap around my waist as he kissed me back. I can tell you this: there was nothing more romantic than that first kiss, and I hardly even know the guy. But like an idiot, I was the first to break away.
"I’m… sorry."
"No, Iris, that was… fine."
"No, I mean… uh, I mean, uh…"
"Oh shut up." I forced myself back on him, and he took it again. This time, I let my lips loosen and my tongue meet his own. We stood in my living room and explored each other’s mouths. His gloved hands ran down my back and formed around my ass. I did the same and pulled him in closer, forcing a deeper kiss. This time, he broke the kiss.
"Iris… I’m not sure if we should be doing this…"
"Do what? This?" With that, I let my hand cup over his crotch. His tight bodysuit could not hide a throbbing boner beneath his scarlet garb.
"I want to… I really do," he said. "But I’m not sure I have the time…"
"Then we’ll make it quick," I whispered into his ear.
"I can do that."
I led The Flash over to my sofa and with a finger I pushed his hot ass to sit down. I straddled onto his lap and went back to kissing him. After a while I raised my top over my shoulders, then went back to sucking face.
I felt his hands reach behind me to unhook my bra, but I could feel that he struggled a little. How cute, a superhero who can’t even unhook a bra! I happily assisted him, and watched as his blushing face turned from an embarrassed smile to a dropped jaw. He looked down at my breasts and then back to me. I nodded to him and he quickly went to work on them, softly rubbing them with his hands and sucking on my hard nipples with warm lips. I rolled my head back in ecstasy as he pleasured me, running my hand down the back of his head (or cowl, I guess is what you call it.)
Suddenly, he stopped and looked up at me, an obvious look of uncertainty on his face.
"What’s wrong?" I asked.
"I… feel that I should tell you who I really am."
I placed a finger on his lips to shush him. "Show now," I replied with a seductive smile. "Tell me later."
With that, he raised his hand to his head and removed his cowl. Underneath was the most attractive face I had ever seen. He had short, messy blonde hair (you know, the kind of look all the hip guys go for these days), and chiseled cheekbones. Without his cowl, his eyes shown even more brightly.
"Well hello there, bright eyes," I cooed, and leaned in to kiss him before he could respond.
We proceeded to make out for some time, with me helping him remove the rest of his costume and he my clothes. We lay back onto my sofa, I on top of him. I leaned forward and kissed his well-developed chest and broad shoulders and neckline. I worked my way down his impeccable six-pack abs and across his belly button until I came to his underwear. (Hey ladies, guess what? Superheroes wear tidey-whities!)
I could feel his member throbbing beneath, and I rubbed the bulge slowly and gingerly. With curious fingers, I slowly pulled his underwear down and a beautiful dick sprung forth at me. From my estimate, it was a modest seven inches with adequate girth. Not too bad, not too extreme; just how I like it.
And like it I did… as well as lick it (almost instantaneously). Ever since I had lost my virginity back when I was a teen, I had always enjoyed giving men oral sex. I didn’t mind doing it, and honestly, it gave me a little something to hold over my boyfriends. Frankly, I had done it so much in high school that I had gotten exceptionally good at it.
The Flash definitely noticed this, as he closed his eyes and moaned softly as my mouth enclosed around his shaft. I paid extra-special attention to his balls as I fondled them in one hand. The other hand stroked his cock underneath my bobbing mouth.
I could feel every muscle in his dick loosen and tighten, and I could tell that he was fighting with himself not to cum all over my face right then and there. Releasing his dick from my mouth, I reclined back against the opposite end of the sofa, spreading my legs and inviting myself to him. I sat back and watched as my hero got down on his knees and planted his face between my legs.
The guy didn’t waste any time, as I felt his tongue snake into my pussy lips no sooner than he had knelt down. I looked down at him and met his eyes as he looked up at me, half of his face buried in my unshaven goodness. His soft tongue lapped up and down my vulva, accompanied by two fingers rubbing my clitoris. I moaned and squirmed slightly as waves of pleasure ran up my body. I ran a hand through his hair and pulled at it slightly, bringing his head and tongue deeper into me.
Pleasure grew more and more intense until I came close to my climax.
"I’m cumming…." I whimpered, but he didn’t stop. He kept at it as my juices flowed out into his lapping mouth. I arched my back and moaned even louder as I came.
The Flash didn’t say a word, and just moved back up body kiss by kiss until he returned to my lips. He hovered close to my face.
As I came down from ecstasy, I whispered into his ear "Get it in there, hero."
No sooner did I say the words that I felt my pussy stretch and his cock enter me. He began thrusting slowly at first.
"Oh, you can go faster than that!" I teased. "You’re The fucking Flash, aren’t you?"
He positioned his hands at my sides. "Do you mind if I try something on you?"
"What? Some position or maneuver or something?"
"Something like that," he said, a smile spreading across his face. "Let me know how you like it…"
"Sure will—"
What happened next is almost indescribable, yet it was the most incredible thing I had ever experienced.
At that moment in time, his smile had gone away and was replaced by a look of pure concentration. Suddenly, it seemed that whole sofa shook, his body almost becoming a blur.
I would later learn, after discussing with my lover here, that he has the ability to vibrate his molecules, thusly vibrating his body. Guess what? He can turn his own cock into a fucking vibrator. And it’s not even close to one of those crappy vibrating cock-rings, either. But like I said, I have no idea how to explain it.
The most intense feeling of pleasure came—no, crashed over me. All I can say is that I went into an immediate orgasm. I had never felt anything like it, and I think I almost blacked out. But I hung in there, and I’m pretty sure I screamed louder than the Black Canary. (That’s another hero around town. I’ll tell you about her some other time.)
And as soon as it happened, it stopped. I was left panting, my heart in a frenzy. It was the greatest thing I had ever felt.
"Are you ok, Iris?" The Flash looked concerned.
"Ok? Fuck! I’m fantastic!" I pulled his head in hard and kissed him passionately. He continued to thrust into me, the feeling I had described earlier stayed with me for the rest of the night.
We went through several positions that night, but he didn’t try his special move again. His doggystyle was incredible. It wasn’t too rough, it wasn’t too delicate. He had grabbed my hips in just the right way and thrust in and out so perfectly.
It my cowgirl ride that had finished him off. I straddled him and rode his cock like a wild stallion. He sucked on my tits while I did so. I was going so fast, I guess I was trying to be The Flash myself… but either way I had him cumming in no time, his hot cum filling me up and spilling out in floods.
We lay back in each other’s arms, breathing heavily and softly cuddling each other’s bodies. I looked up at him and smiled.
"Iris West, my name is Barry Allen," he finally said.
"It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Allen."
"Call me Barry."

Shit, don’t tell anybody I told you this.

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