She rolled back against him as his finger ventured closer to her hot and swollen pussy. She knew she was already so wet that he wouldn't need any extra lubrication. As ever he was careful and frustratingly played around on the outside of her fanny until he was certain she was ready for him. Whether it was due to the swelling from the urgent fuck they had just had, or whether it was the padding of the glove, she did not know nor care for as his gloved finger slid gently into her it felt so thick and rough, she couldn't help the moan that escaped her lips.

He eased his finger deeper and deeper into her pussy, he found he had to push ever so slightly for the gloved finger to go in. He reached in as far as he could then slowly eased his finger back out. He couldn't feel anything other than the pressure on his gloved finger. As he went to push back in again, he noticed how it dragged slightly on her flesh. This time as he eased his finger back out, he came right out then played with her outer lips and groove with two fingers.

She noticed how the soft leather of his glove soaked up her juices. As he gently pushed back in, she felt the walls of her fanny gripping and dragging on the leather. This caused to make the gloved finger feel even thicker than before. As he reached as far in as he could and paused, she could feel every detail pushing into the soft flesh of her love tube. So sensitive was she, she could even feel the stitching of the leather. She could feel his prick growing against the cheek of her bottom. She shuffled to the side and reached her hand round and gently took his swelling manhood in her hand. He responded by growing noticeably faster in her hand.

He felt her move to one side, his growing penis lazily popped up from under her. He felt the soft warmth of her hand wrap around him. He felt himself grow steadily. He loved the sight of her small hand wrapped round his engorged prick, it always made his prick look bigger

with her hand barely able to close around his girth.

With the leather of his jacket rubbing on her back and his gloved finger-probing deep within her she strained to close her hand around his now fully erect shaft. She gently massaged her hand up and down his length, each time she reached the tip she rubbed her hand over the tip of his helmet take the oils leaking from his eye and using it to ease the passage of her hand on his skin. She loved to feel the coarseness of his shaft contrast by the smoothness of his shiny purple helmet.

With his finger deep within her most sensitive sleeve he used his thumb to rub up and down the groove between her fanny and her hooded clit, at the extent of each movement he rubbed his gloved thumb over her protruding clit make her squirm each time he did so. He was aware that he would soon be spilling his seed with the way she was gently masturbating him, the tip of his glans was so sensitive every time she rubbed the palm of her hand over it. He could feel his own juices flowing freely from the eye of his purple head.

She shuddered involuntarily as his gloved thumb brushed over her clit, which she could feel, was already pushing out of its shroud. His thickly gloved finger continued to work in and out of her swollen sensitive fanny. The padding of the glove causing her sensitive spot within her to be stimulated every time he pushed his finger into her. With her g spot and clitoris being excited so much, she soon felt another orgasm building slowly within her. This, unlike the first, which had built so fast, was building so slowly she almost felt sick with anticipation as it grew.

He felt her shudder as her orgasm came upon her. Her every muscle and sinew in her body tensed to breaking strain as the orgasm racked her. He felt as if her small delicate hand would squeeze his solid prick out of existence. Even through the padding of his glove he

could feel the walls of her pussy clasping his finger. Her breath caught in her throat for so long he thought she must surely pass out. After what seemed an age, he felt her body start to relax as she came down off her high.

As the orgasm broke, she felt her throat close as her whole body contracted violently with the force of her release. Every ounce of her body’s energy had been directed to the release of her orgasm she couldn't breathe but was completely oblivious to time. Her cunt actually hurt where it had clamped down and gripped so tightly his gloved finger deep within her. As the episode passed, she realised how dizzy she was and gasped for air hungrily. She suddenly realised she was gripping his rampant prick so tightly she could feel the muscles in the back of her hand straining. She could do nothing, she had to get her breath back and hope the light-headedness would pass. She lay quite still her small pert tits heaving as she breathed heavily to regain her breath.

After several minutes she turned towards him grinning widely to him. She wrapped both her hands round his excited shaft. They were so small his purple helmet still showed above her hands.

He loved to see this as her small hands made him look so big. She gently massaged his leaking love juices into his length then she slowly dipped her head and he felt the wet warmth of her breath then the wetness as her mouth closed around the bulbous head of his gleans. His prick jerked repeatedly and it was all he could do to tense himself enough to stop himself from once more emptying his seed into her.

She could feel his gloved hand still within her. She could feel his pulsing shaft rigid in her hands. She wriggled herself off of his hand and felt her inner skin drag slightly as her body tried to keep the source of so many sensations within her. She turned and looked up at his face. She recognised the glow of contentment that he always had whenever he had succeeded in pleasuring her in such away. He always seemed to get more pleasure from pleasing her than he did from his own. Although of course there were the occasions when he would take her for his own use pleasing himself on occasions with out an apparent care for her own desires. That was what nearly always made those days such mind shattering experiences for her, the thought of just being used by a man for his own pleasure. She bent her head and gazed at the shiny purple head of his engorged manhood. She saw the pre-cum oozing from the eye and carefully used her hands to spread it over the head and onto the pulsing shaft. She could see his balls tightening and relaxing like a pair of lungs. She could smell his sex. She lowered her head and took the whole of the end of his prick into her mouth. He felt huge within her small mouth. She slowly worked both her hands up and down his thick shaft. She could taste his salty pre-cum. She could also taste something else which she realised was the remains of her own cumming mixed with his from their fervent love making a short time before. The taste seemed to add to her excitement. She could feel her own sex opening again and getting wetter as she carefully licked the tip of his swollen dick clean.

He could feel her cheeks tongue and roof of her mouth pushing gently against the so sensitive bulbous head of his throbbing prick. His balls ached again for the release of the seed building up within. His stomach tensed with the pressure of holding back. He felt her tongue slowly wipe around the whole of his helmet. Then he felt the tip of her tongue pushing into the eye of his penis the sensation was unreal, almost painful but just so pleasurable he knew that there could be hardly any of her tongue inside his dick but it felt so full as if she had half her tongue inside him.

She licked the head then found his eye now flooding with salty slippery pre-cum. She formed the tip of her tongue to a point then gently placed it against the eye feeling and tasting the pre-cum. She gently wiggled her tongue and found she could actually get the tip of her tongue to enter the opening to his shaft. She felt him gasp and tense and feared it may be uncomfortable for him. She then lowered her head slightly so she could feel the tip of his swollen pulsing prick at the entrance to her throat. She paused took a deep breath and then pushed down slowly against the stiffness of his unyielding shaft. She felt her flesh strain then suddenly her body gave in and his shiny big helmet slipped past the entrance to her throat. At first her body wanted to retch to clear this obstruction. She fought the instinct and then gradually lowered her head feeling his shaft sinking further and further into her throat. She could feel her body stretching to accommodate his girth. So swollen was he that even her airways were restricted by his pulsing shaft. She moved her hands from his length as she lowered her head closer and closer to the base of his beautiful prick. At last, she had the whole him inside her mouth and throat. Quite proud that she could take all of his meat which wasn’t far off 20cm's. She paused and tried to get her breath through her nose. As she did, she could smell their earlier love making still in his pubic hair. A thought she would not think of as particularly nice normally but in her excited state was almost enough to cause a minor orgasm. It was certainly enough to let her know how wet her pussy was getting. She tried to swallow and felt the muscle of her throat ripple against the length of his shaft as they tried to draw him deeper. She slowly raised her head withdrawing him from her throat. She held him in her mouth whilst she got her breath back. as she did so she could see his balls and beyond them the crinkly entrance to his arse.

He lay, hot in his jacket still, he felt his glans lodge at the back of her throat. Then he felt her gently push down, he could feel the pressure all the way down his length into the root of his cock. He could feel his pre-cum flowing out of the end into her warm soft mouth. He felt her throat yield as at last it gave in and allowed his helmet to enter into her throat. He felt her pause before slowly sliding down his shaft, so slowly she moved her head down as he saw his swollen member disappearing from view. The tightness of her throat around the sensitive rim of his knob end he always thought was nicer than the feeling when he fucked her pussy. When she reached the root of his cock, he almost dumped his loaded balls deep inside her as she started to ripple her throat muscles against his shaft so tightly held within her. She gradually raised her head releasing his prick from the beautiful softness of her throat. The air feeling cold on his wet shaft. She held him in her mouth for a short time breathing heavily.

She lifted her head from his glans then slowly ran the tip of her tongue down the underside of his shaft. When she reached his balls, she ran the flat of her tongue back up to the tip swirling it round the head to clean away the pre-cum. She took his helmet back into her mouth and sucked on it gently like a lollypop. She lifted off it and again licked down to its base. All the time she used one hand to massage his balls. Then she used her other hand to gather some of her wetness and used it to lubricate his shaft as she wanked him off with her other hand. The smell of her own musk mixed with his was almost enough to make her cum on the spot. The taste as she took him back into her mouth was exquisite. A complete union of the two of them. She raised her head and then took care to clean all of their juices from the whole length of his shaft, all the while massaging his balls and occasionally gently probing the entrance to his crinkly bottom with her fingernail, this always caused his prick to jerk uncontrollably making her smile that she had such control.

He felt the cool air on his knob as she lifted clear of him. He felt her tongue tickle as she ran it gently down the underside of his shaft tracing the outline of the duct taking his pre-cum to the tip of his knob. With one of her hands, she massaged his balls that ached so much from a need to empty his sac's. As she dragged her tongue back up his shaft, he felt the pressure pushing the pre-cum up his shaft and out of his knob eye feeling as if he was peeing their being so much flowing with his excitement. He lay with his eyes closed enjoying the sensations she was giving him and trying his hardest not to cum so he could enjoy it longer. He felt her moving around a little but didn't open an eye. Suddenly he felt a very wet slippery hand wrap itself around his shaft and lubricate him so well that she could toss him off without any dragging of the skin. He thought this would finally take him over the top but just as he thought he had reached the point of no return she stopped for a short time, just massaging his balls. Then she carefully licked all up and down his shaft and all over his helmet cleaning off the combination of his and her juices. Her hand played with his balls almost absentmindedly it seemed as she concentrated on pleasing him with her mouth on his rigid pulsing cock. Then he felt her fingernail pushing gently at the entrance to his bottom, it was like an electric shock shooting through his body but especially through his excited prick which hurt as it momentarily became so solid and swollen. He was sure it was only because he was too swollen to allow his spunk to shoot up his length that prevented him cumming there and then. He could feel his engorged member bouncing against her tongue as she tried to carry on massaging him with her tongue. Her fingernail felt sharp against the soft skin of his anus and he was scared she would slice through his skin, but he also wanted to feel her finger enter him and massage the sensitive area within. She placed her finger inside her pussy getting it thoroughly coated in her love juices, then she placed her finger against his sphincter and pushed gently, her finger was so slippery it slid inside him making him groan and causing his prick to bounce violently within her mouth. She sensed he was about to feed her his seed so she quickly pulled her finger from him.

She saw how flushed he was. She raised herself onto her knees and then shuffled forward so she could undo his jacket. He was so hot within it. She leant forward to massage his chest, as she did so she let the tip of his towering knob brush gently against her bush and fanny. Each time he moaned and his whole body tensed as the electric shocks from the tip of his helmet surged through him. Even his stomach muscles reacted to the touch. She was so wet herself that she was aware that she also coated his glans with a liberal coating of her love juice with each pass. She could smell her own musk in the air, she was excited by it, but knew that the effect it was having on him would be far greater. She pushed forward and massaged his upper chest, as she slid her hands down his body she sat back on his turgid rod. Both were so excited that neither had to guide the other into place. She felt his knob end stretch her labia as he entered her so slowly and smoothly, no friction just two incredibly wet bodies joining as one. She slowly eased her hands down his body until she felt the root of his prick against the entrance to pussy. She sat down further pushing his helmet further into her depths. She could feel his swollen head so high inside her gently stretching her body. She leant back and felt the entire length of his rigid tool push on the front of her deep cunt, her sensitive spot pressed upon, she gently rose herself up. Even with so much of her body oils blending with his she could feel the pressure and movement on her sensitive area. She knew that she would be cumming very quickly. She leant even further back forcing the angle of his prick putting more pressure on her body and making him feel even longer.

He was disappointed when she removed her finger from his hole. He could feel her moving around but wasn’t sure what she was up-to. Suddenly he felt her finger back at the entrance to his anus, before he could comment he felt her finger slide smoothly and easily into him. He moaned as her finger pushed against something that caused his prick to bounce uncontrollably. She clearly sensed he was about to cum as she quickly with drew her finger. She raised herself into a kneeling position with her dripping pussy just inches from the tip of his pulsing cock which he could see was still oozing out pre-cum at an incredible rate, he couldn't remember the last time he had been turned on so much for so long. He actually felt exhausted with the constant ache in his balls and the tension in the veins in prick, which was so so swollen that it also felt tired with the constant throbbing and pulsing. The whole room smelt of sex and bodies.

She leant forward to release him from his jacket, which was still zipped up. As she did, he thought he'd shot his load as his body tensed so taught yet again as she brushed her sopping cunt across the tip of his knob. She then started to gently massage his sweat-soaked chest, each time she moved forwards or backwards either the flesh of her pussy or even just her bush would play with the tip of his bouncing cock.

His whole body ached from the repeated involuntary tensioning of his muscles. Then she moved backwards but this time instead of just brushing across him he felt the full wetness and heat of her pussy as she sat back on him so slowly impaling herself on his solid spear. She fully engulfed him then pushed down some more. He was so swollen she felt tighter than he could recall her feeling before. She raised herself up and he felt her juices cool instantly in the air, then she slowly slid all the way back down his shaft. She was so excited he could feel a combination of their juices pooling at the base of his prick and then trickling down into the entrance of his arse, which had opened sufficiently with the excitement to allow the juices in. Firmly impaled she leant back forcing his rigid member to bend forward at the base, the pleasure he gained from feeling it pushing against her flesh far outweighed the slight discomfort of trying to bend his unyielding glans. She again moved up his length, this time with a little more speed. He looked up at her face and saw that her eyes were gone, he was no longer there he was just an object for her desire. He could see her small perfect breasts standing proud on her lean chest, the end each tit swollen and distended with excitement.

She started to ride his swollen manhood harder and faster. She was now kneeling with her hands behind her self, supporting her, leaning back as she moved up and down the entire length of his cock.

He wasn't able to hold back any longer. He grabbed her hips and selfishly pulled her down hard onto his pulsing prick, with a moan he shot his seed deep within her. He was so swollen he could feel it's path from his bollocks to the eye, almost painful as what felt like a plug forced a path through, then he felt pulse after pulse as his excited balls dumped the load which had built up during their foreplay. As he exploded within her he heard a familiar guttural sound emitting from within her throat, her body spasmed and he knew she too had found the moment of release.

Leaning back on her knees she placed her hands behind herself, his prick was now pulled forward locked deep within her. She again rode up the length of his knob, the pressures within her were too great and the pleasure took control of her body. She started to ride up and down the complete length of his shaft faster and faster, each time almost allowing her labia to lose contact momentarily with his helmet, then she would slide back down him pushing into his pubic mound. She could feel that her body would be glistening with sweat, her breathing was becoming ragged and her arms were shaking. Suddenly a force gripped her hips and pulled her down hard. The solid prick within her hit the top of her pussy swelled to a painful girth then exploded. She could feel it as it pulsed so hard pumping her full of his seed. The first swelling and the force of him sliding deep into her cunt was all it took for her body to discard her control and take over itself as her body tensed and her throat seemed to clamp around the air being driven from her. She could feel even her flat stomach muscles curling round to try to grip the solid rod of flesh deep within her. Unable to breath or move her body tensed itself up holding her arched above him. She could hear his groans as his body abused him in a similar way. Both of their bodies strained and stretched every muscle, tendon and nerve ending in their bodies.

Eventually their bodies released them and allowed them to relax. She fell onto his chest where they lay in a cuddle still united, sated and in a semi conscious doze for some time as their bodies strived to regain the energy spent. Eventually she felt him slip from within her. After some time, he started to gradually soothe her back with his hand. She felt his cock stirring beneath her. She rolled off him and together they gathered their discarded clothes and made their way up stairs to freshen up. He followed her up, her perfect arse wiggling a few inches from his face, by the top step his manhood was once more standing out proudly before him. But that's another tale.

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