At the end of this story are some thoughts on these experiences.

It had been about two weeks since I had sucked cock for the first time, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. Dan, whom I had met on internet chat, was the guy, but I hadn't seen him online for awhile. When he finally came on one evening, we started chatting and the talk quickly turned to sex. I essentially invited myself over to his place and he agreed, but said he didn't have much time as he was going to work out with some friends that night. That wasn't a problem for me. I just wanted to feel his cock in my mouth again and this time I wanted to swallow all of his cum. Since time was a factor, I asked him to be naked when I got there, which he had no problem with.

On the drive over, my nervousness was almost overwhelming. Despite that and my shaking hands, my cock was hard as a rock as I was thinking about opening the door to his place and having a naked man waiting for me to suck him. I felt like a filthy slut... and I think I liked it.

Dan had told me to just come in when I got there, so I took a breath, knocked on the door and opened it. I had been wondering if he was really going to be naked or not, and I was not disappointed. He was standing in the kitchen when I came in, and he didn't have a stitch of clothes on. He was just closing the refrigerator door after grabbing a beer and the first thing I noticed was how hard his nipples were. The second thing I noticed was his cock. It looked half erect and plump. It was about seven inches when hard, and it looked almost halfway there. "Welcome back." He said, and I replied with a simple "Thanks".

Immediately I dropped to my knees and he took about four steps towards me; his beautiful penis swinging with each step. I was enraptured by the sight of it. It was like time slowed down, but within a couple seconds, his dick was right in front of my face. I kept my arms at my sides, opened my mouth and he immediately pushed himself all the way in. I felt the thick rubbery head go past my lips and then the shaft with all its ridges and veins until my nose was bumping his shaved pubic area. This is where I wanted to be. I just held still there for a moment, gently using my tongue on the underside of his cock, feeling it grow harder in my mouth, and pushing my face back from his body. It tasted fantastic. It was clean with just a bit of man-taste to him: a kind of musky taste. It completely turned me on, and I started working harder on him.

By this time, my nervousness was forgotten and my hands left my sides and reached up to grip his smooth ass cheeks. I dug my fingers into his ass crack using the leverage to push and pull his thick cock in and out of my face. My mouth felt stretched to its limit by his hardness and my saliva was beginning to leak out and run down my chin as I bobbed on his spit-coated cock. When I looked up at him, one of his hands was still holding his unopened beer and the other was pulling on one of his hard nipples, stretching and twisting it. As I was watching, his hand left his chest and he put it behind my head. Slowly he forced my head towards him, pushing more of his dick into my mouth. Inch by inch he shoved it in, and I loved the feeling of him using my face for his pleasure. His cock, however, hit the back of my throat and I gagged a little, so he pulled my head back with the grip he had on my hair until he was out of my mouth completely. I took a deep breath, to regain my composure and jacked off his slippery cock with all the spit on there. He opened his beer and asked me if I wanted to go to the couch. I nodded yes, stood up and followed his naked ass in.

He sat on the couch, with his legs spread wide open, obviously waiting for my mouth to get back down there. I just stopped for a couple seconds to admire him.

His cock was hard, shiny and resting on his groin area. His shaved balls looked full as they hung there. I wanted to suck him again. I wanted him to choke me with that cock. I wanted him to use my mouth for his pleasure. I wanted his hot cum to flood my mouth. I was a slut for it, and I think we both knew it.

Quickly, I stripped off all of my clothes and my own dick was like a steel bar, already dripping pre-cum from the tip. "Jack your cock for me" he said, so I did. I moved closer until I was standing between his open legs and lewdly pulled on myself right in front of him, making squishy noises from all the wetness that was there. My cock-head flared from the workout it was getting and a long string of pre-cum hung at the tip that Dan reached up to grab and put on his nipples. He pulled them away from his body to the breaking point as he watched me jerk off through his glazed eyes.

"Mmm, That's hot. Come here and suck my nipples." This was something I had not done before, but I leaned towards him and my mouth engulfed his left nipple. I licked and sucked it, feeling the hair around it, which was a new experience and not one that I totally enjoyed. "Harder." he said and his hand went to the back of my head pushing it down. To make this easier, I straddled him so I could suck harder. I put my entire mouth around his nipple and bit down. He squirmed in pleasure, so I bit harder and pulled his nipple away from his body with my teeth. He moaned in pleasure and his hand reached down to grab my cock. Roughly, he jerked me off as I gnawed on one nipple and then the other biting and sucking until I was sure I'd leave a bruise. He still had a handful of my hair, pushing me down on his chest and rubbing my face into it. "Suck me again. I want your hot mouth on my cock." He said as he moved his hand to the top of my head and pushed me down.

I was back on my knees again and his heavy balls were right in front of my face, but I picked his cock up off his stomach with my right hand and stroked it up and down a couple times. This brought pre-cum to the tip which I rubbed on my lips before opening up and taking as much of him in as I could. I wasn't able to deep throat him, but I got enough in that the rest of his dick was held at the base with my fist, so I started jacking him off while sliding that thick hard pole in and out of my mouth. It didn't take long and I was drooling again, making him wet and slippery, making it easier to slide his cock in and out of my stretched mouth. My hand twisted and gripped on it's ride up and down his shaft as I sucked him in earnest. I didn't want this to end, but at the same time I wanted to taste his cum in my mouth. I couldn't get enough of the feast I was having and I went wild on him, causing him to buck his hips up to match my mouth going down. My face was getting fucked in a nasty way. I just held my head still and let him use my mouth. He was fucking and using my face like the slut I had become. He was slamming in hard enough that I would occasionally gag as he hit the back of my throat. Just as I thought he was about to cum, he pulled his dick out of my mouth causing me to gasp for breath and told me to lick his balls.

My face moved further down into his crotch where that manly smell was stronger and I ran my tongue up one of his testicles. I felt it roll under my tongue in the loose skin and began lapping it like a dog. Soon, it too was covered in my spit and I gave the other one the same treatment. I was licking hard enough that his balls would roll over my tongue and then drop down on my chin making it wet with my own saliva. I looked up at him to see how I was doing and one of his hands was pulling on a nipple and the other was holding his beer. "Suck them" he said. "Put the whole thing in your mouth." So, I did, of course, and sucked his entire left nut into my mouth, rolling it around in there and then moved to the next one. I wanted so badly to get them both in there, but they were too big and full. Back and forth I went, from one to the other, kneeling between this man's legs, servicing him and doing what I was told.

This didn't last too long, because I heard him set his beer down and felt both of his hands on my head, guiding me back up to his cock. I sucked it off his stomach and back into my mouth revelling in the taste of all the pre-cum leaking out of it. He was holding my head hard, and slowly moving it up and down his prick. He was moving slow enough that I could feel every ridge and vein as I went up and down on him. Dan would pull my face up to the tip of his cock and slowly push me down. I could feel the head of his cock make an extended entrance into my mouth until the ridge would slip past my lips and I would continue down over that thick shaft, stretching my lips until I got as far as I could. He must have been able to feel my hesitation as the gag factor kicked in, because he would then pull me back up to repeat the process. Before long, the tempo picked up and he was truly fucking my face and spewing forth profanities as he did so.

"That's it. Suck my hard cock. Can ya feel how hard it is? Suck it, baby. Fuck you're gonna make me cum. I'm gonna fill your mouth with my cum. Do you want that?" I just nodded at the last statement and his hips rose up to meet my face as he went wild with lust. "Oh shit, I'm getting close!" And then, without warning, he pulled my head back until his dick popped out of my mouth. I looked at him and he hissed at me to back up.

Still on my knees, I did as I was told and backed up. Within seconds he was standing in front of me. His balls were on my chin and his thick hard cock was back into my throat. He fucked my face pretty hard and I liked it, so I accepted and tried not to choke on that thick thing thrusting in and out of my drooling mouth.

"You want it?" he asked. "You want my cum in your mouth?" Again I nodded with my mouth full and he pulled his dick out and began stroking it right in front of my open mouth. I couldn't wait for that cum. I wanted to feel it's hotness on my tongue. I wanted my mouth full of it and it leaking out of the corners of my mouth. I wanted to drown in it. My mouth was open wide and my tongue was out waiting for it. He looked down at me waiting for it and his pace increased until his hand was practically a blur. Dan's free hand went to the back of my head just as his wanking stopped. He held tight onto his cock and I felt the head swell as it lay on my tongue and then I was awash in his cum. It seemed to spray out. A little went on my face, but most of the first shot was in the back of my mouth and all over my tongue. The first blast was already oozing down the back of my throat making me want to swallow, but I resisted as the second shot hit me. I could smell the cum. I could taste it and it tasted sweet. I wanted more and I wasn't to be disappointed. Another blast flooded me and it began to run out of my mouth. It was then that he thrust his cock in, forcing more cum out of my mouth. He shot two more times and I had to swallow. It easily went down and I swallowed again, trying to get as much as I could. His cock was buried deep in my mouth and already I thought I felt it getting softer when he pulled it out and began to lazily slap it against my face. My mouth was still wide open as he whacked me with his cock still slippery with spit and cum. He had a firm grip on it causing the head to swell up all purple and plum-like when he tired of hitting me with it and shoved it back into my mouth, forcing my face onto it until my nose was pressed into his groin. I went wild on it, using my mouth like a squeegee trying to get every drop and causing him to buck with the intensity of it.

Within a few seconds, he stumbled backwards and collapsed on the couch, so I crawled over on my hands on knees to suck his softening cock. A drop of cum was oozing out of it as I sucked it into my mouth again. It felt so good to have him softening in my mouth. This way I could get it all, and I did. Gently I worked it: doing what I like done to mine after I've blown a load into some chicks mouth. I cleaned him up and treated his cock like the king that it was. After a good five minutes of rolling his deflated meat around in my mouth, he pushed me away.

"Do you want to cum?" He asked. I replied to the affirmative and he patted the empty seat on the couch next to him, so I got off my knees and sat down. It didn't take very long at all and I was ready to finish. Compared to Dan's cum which was kind of thin and watery and seemed to spray out when he came, mine is more thick and syrupy and usually doesn't shoot very far. This time, however, as I climaxed the cum shot out all the way up my chest in smaller and smaller arcs.

Shortly after I came, Dan stood up and I watched his ass as he headed to the bathroom. When he came back, he didn't even bother getting dressed. He tossed me a towel and just flopped his ass onto the couch and said "Thanks, man. You suck a mean dick. That was great." "Your welcome. It was fun for me, too." I replied as I cleaned up. I was getting the vibe that we were done here, so I dressed, thanked him again and left. That was it for a couple months or so, when I met up with Dan one last time.


Some thoughts on my adventures: When I left Dan's place after the first time, my head and heart were swirling with emotions and thoughts. Regret was the most overwhelming feeling I had. What had I just done? What was wrong with me? What could the consequences be? Even though we chatted quite awhile before our first meeting, and I consequently trusted him, what if I caught a disease? When I arrived home, I took a long and very hot shower as if to cleanse myself literally and figuratively. By the end of the shower, though, I was getting hard again after reliving the experience in my mind and I was already anticipating our next meeting which I documented here.

After this meeting the same emotions and thoughts flooded back as I went home and repeated my cleansing process.

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