My name is Evan and this is my story about that one fateful week that changed my life forever.

Monday morning started another day at college. I was going to school to be a mechanic, so that one day I could open up a garage with Justin. We plan on specializing in muscle cars only. I had just got up and was getting ready to get into the shower when I heard a shit load of yelling and screaming out in the hallway. I thought to myself, sounds like JJ, my little brother might need some help. I open the door long enough to see that JJ and Justin were in fist fight over some chick, I’ll let them handle that one them selves.

I shut the door and locked it, and jumped in the shower before class. When I got out everything was quite to quite. When I opened the door JJ was sitting on the floor bleeding from his nose, mouth and one ear. I call for an ambulance and as soon as he was gone I called Justin and this is our conversation:

Justin: Hey what’s up bro?

Me: I don’t know you tell me

Justin: what are you talking about?

Me: don’t play stupid Justin, you fucked up, I told you first hand if you ever touched my brother you’d end up just like he did.

Justin: Fuck you, oh by the way your car is fucking trashed and guess what I did it bitch!

The line went dead, I was furious this mother fucker wants to play games then game on! I skipped all my classes that day because I was contemplating on my first move. That’s when I got the call that made my life fall apart.

Doctor: Yes I’m calling for Evan Martin

Me: Yes?

Doctor: I’m sorry to inform you but your brother was pronounced dead when the ambulance arrived, the reports showed greater wounds then appeared on his head. Your brothers ribs punctured an artery in his chest, and his nose was broken along with other serious injuries.

After I hung up I broke down in tears, my heart was broken, my brother and I did everything together all through childhood and into college. Now all I had left was my sister. My mom died four years ago in a car crash and my dad died last year. How was I supposed to break the news to Mary if I couldn’t handle it myself.
I called my best friend Kelly up, I told her I needed some support right now and I also told her that JJ was dead. Kelly arrived ten minutes later with my sister Mary who still didn’t have a clue as to what was going on.

Me: Mary, I have some very bad news to tell you I think you should sit down for this.

Mary: Okay Evan what’s going on your scaring me?

Me: Mary, JJ’s Dead, Justin killed him and now its just us, we have to band together and do what we have to do to stay strong.

Kelly left about an hour later, letting my sister and I spend sometime together. I asked Mary if she wanted to stay the night and she agreed. At ten o’clock we layed down together, neither of us being able to sleep. Mary rolled over onto her back and I raised up onto my elbow looking into her eyes when it happened.

I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. I thought she was going to freak out and punch me in the face or something but she didn’t, she kissed me back, it was a kiss of need, a kiss of love and passion. She sat up and I slowly removed her shirt, I kissed her again this time slowly working my way down. I kissed her neck, then her collar bone, all the while I was slowly massaging her breast and fondling her nipples. I slowly licked her left nipple taking my time and then I switched to the right nipple and did the same thing. I slowly worked my way down her stomach to her panties, ever so slowly I removed them to find her cleanly shaven, just the way I liked my women.

I kissed her inner thighs, and slowly slicked her outer folds until she grabbed my head and pushed it into her pussy. When I first sucked onto her clit she went off having her first orgasm of the day, her nectar was so sweet. When she came down I started eating her out again, ravishing her pussy until she exploded again. I kissed my way back up her stomach and kissed her on the lips, I let her taste her own juices. When I broke off the kiss she said she was ready. I hadn’t even realized I was hard up until this point.

I asked her if she was sure, I told her if we did this there would be no turning back. When I knew she was sure, I told her she was on top so she could be in control incase she decided she wanted to stop. She climbed on top of me looked me in the eyes with the sexiest look I have ever seen and then just dropped down onto my cock. We both moaned in pleasure from the feeling. We fucked for at least twenty minutes when I felt my balls churning. I told her I was about to cum and she sped up as I shot my first load, her body started convulsing from her second orgasm. When she came down she just rolled off me and laid her head on my chest and we soon both fell asleep.

The rest of the week went by in a blur, except Friday. Friday morning we buried our brother JJ. We spent the rest of the afternoon celebrating his death instead of mourning it. Justin was arrested on Wednesday that week for a d.u.i and the murder of my brother.

My Sister, Myself, and Kelly went to a party Friday night and today I don’t remember it. That’s what Kelly and Mary are for.

To be Continued………..

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