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The day before the wedding people began arriving from Wiley's Gap. The real surprise was the Brothers Martin were there. They were sober and all smiles.

The owner of the Freight Company was also there and I had to reinforce the rules. No business until after the wedding. I carried on my usual day which is always busy. For some reason the Wolves seemed to be drawn to me today, They were constantly under foot. I think it was due to all the strangers camped all around.

After supper I opened the door to my room and was very surprised to see a set of Buckskins very well made and decorated, supple and soft... I think Bright Moon had been busy …

The ceremony began at dawn with a cold bath then they began the plating of their hair then the dressing. Each article of clothing was offered to the spirits North, South, East and West. Then brought to the Tepees where they were dressing. The head dressing was the last. The Medicine Man blessed the opening of the Tepees.

The drums which had been echoing the Medicine Man's movement. Suddenly... the sound ceased... The Flap on the Tepees opened. Running Wolf stepped out of his first and walked to the Medicine Man. The detail of the markings of his Buckskins were well made. While everyone admired Running Wolf. I stepped to Bright Moon's Tepee and held out my arm and escorted her toward the Medicine Man.

When she was noticed the guests began to mumble, Bright Moon was Beautiful I placed her hand into Running Wolf's hand and backed to the side. Little Sky had a strip of Buckskin that matched their outfits. He laced it across their hands and began to chant to the Spirits. ( as I mentioned the Comanche have no wedding ceremony )

No one including the other Comanches could understand what Little Sky was saying but he was milking it for all he was worth. Lastly he held both hands to the sky. As if on cue there was a clap of thunder and a streak of lightning. He gripped their hands held them up and said in English, "The Spirits approve." Everyone yelled and clapped, "

Nothing else needed to be said everyone began moving toward the food. That is except Bright Moon and Running Wolf. They looked around no one was watching … they ducked into their Wedding night Tepee. They just thought they weren't missed. A number of people glanced toward the Tepee and smiled.

After the wedding the owner of the Freight line accosted me about becoming a way station for his line. We finally agreed on thirty a month and he furnishes the teams. This was subject to renegotiation if the stage line was ever extended this way.

Mr Myers owner of the general store, with me being aware of how to grade furs agreed that I would send in my furs on the freight wagon. The next one out would bring my money.

Louise wasn't used to so many children there at the Indian Village she just wanted to play. I turned her loose I knew Lobo would keep her from harm.

Chapter : Eight The passing Years

Bright Moon now has three children of her own, two boys and a girl. Louise thinks she is a queen as she plays with them. Louise is now 6 years old she is a child of the world she runs rampant over the older Comanche children and they love it. Lobo is her constant companion.

I learned that Louise had a touch of my talent. One morning a group of riders arrived in our yard and started to move alongside of the house. This was the only path leading to the Indian Village. I stepped out on the porch with my rifle in my hands. I fired over the leaders head, which stopped them in their tracks.

They turned my direction... "Just where do you think you are going?"

The leader a scruffy looking excuse for a human, he had long black hair hanging down his back with a braid on either side hanging down his chest, and he smelled. "We'uns is heading for them Indians, we's been told is in that Valley."

"And just why are you going there."

"Scalps... Comanche Scalps goes for $25 a piece at the Fort."

"There is only one problem with that. Those Indians are under my protection..."

"AYEEE! " I was interrupted by a scream and a rifle dropping to the ground. I looked up and saw another filthy beast holding his head. I glanced behind me and Louise walked out on the porch and two more rifles were poking out the windows.

I counted out loud, One, Two, Three, Four, Bright Moon. Five, Six, Seven Eight, Running Wolf. Lobo and Wolf walked around the end of the porch and bared their fangs. I laughed you two can have Mr sure shot and I pointed at the one who dropped his rifle.

I looked at the leader and said, " That leaves you and the other five all for me. Or you could just leave." But no you couldn't do that could you?"

The leader reached for his gun and rifles began to fire and they began to fall. I hated all the bodies the graves we would have to dig. After the smoke cleared I noticed numerous pieces of lead around me. That is when I realized how strong Louise was. She had formed a shield around me for protection.

I looked around at scattered bodies, I heard growling and cursing. Wolf and Lobo had their man down and incapacitated but still alive. I looked at him and said, "If you can mount and ride I suggest you get the Hell out of here."

The injured scalp hunter before he tried to mount reached for his weapons...not to fight but to take with him. I shook my head, "Unh unh no weapons."

It took him awhile but he finally managed to mount and ride out and he never uttered a word.

Louise forming her shield was more important than I first realized... I counted the leads … there were nine of them. That means that although we had divided our antagonists...they had not. Most of them had fired at me. I guess I had better not have such a big head...it was clear I could be killed.

Chapter Nine: Sean and how I received my Indian Name.

I spent a lot of time with, as I began to think of them, My Indians. The pond was teeming with fish and we spent a lot of time spearing and netting the fish. One day I had waded out in the pond to set a net. Before I could even begin a trout weighing about a pound snagged in the net.

I removed it from the net and holding it by it's tail I looked up and an Eagle was diving for fish. It was coming my way. I tossed my arm up in the air and the Eagle took the trout out of my hands. The Indians around the pond went silent.

After this Little Sky dubbed me 'White Eagle' and soon the Tribal Council met and I was made a sub chief. This was functional, By making me a Sub Chief I could speak for them. I was their protector.

A few weeks later the Army sent a Company to push the Indians on to a reservation. They too tried to bypass the house. The Major in charge Gave orders to tear down my fence. He didn't even consider opening the gate.

I spoke to him, "Major, before I start shooting, with you being my first target, I have to ask what do you think you are doing?"

"Not that it is any of your business I intend to round up all those wild Indians and move them to a reservation."

"And which wild Indians would that be?" "Do you mean the peaceful farming Indians that live on my land. Or my partner who happens to be full blood Comanche."

The Major seemed to be a bit flustered, "What makes you think your tame Indians aren't Slipping out during the night.?"

"Well lets see the two gates on either side of the house are the only exits from this 500 acre box canyon. The fence line is watched by two wolves." "the same two wolves that told me you were trying to enter."

"The other reason .. this is a village of old men and women and children." " I suggest you speak to your Colonel which I would bet doesn't know you are here."

I decided it was time to re-enforce my reasons. The soldiers that had been told to tear down my fence heard a growl then a second growl they looked around and spotted the wolves. They were ready to attack.

The Major looked to his Kiowa scout. "He speaks truth, he is known as White Eagle and is Comanche Sub Chief. He no Lies"

I hit the Major with a blast to his mind if he moved away from the fence the pain eased. It did not take long till he decided he needed to make his name somewhere else. He then gave orders and the Company turned and rode North back to the Fort.

Every time I got to Wiley's Gap Mr Myers tried to pawn off a town girl on me. I keep turning him down. He keeps saying a young man needs female companionship. I keep telling him I am not lacking in female companionship. There are very few Indian men in the village still capable of preforming. Chief Little Sky has asked for my help.

I won't claim them but I have noticed a few red headed and green eyed Comanches running around the village. Besides I have to take care of Louise she is almost thirteen. I am not sure how she would act if I brought in a strange woman.

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