Tonight it was her friend's annual get together. They had decided to go to the Silver Fox steak house, there was a nice romantic bar there, and she could not miss it for anything. They had been planning this for a looong time. Morgan was looking to service her neglected sexual needs this evening.

Morgan had dressed for the night, short blue dress with a plunging neck line, dark pantyhose only, no panties and heels to draw attention to her long shapely legs. Morgan was sitting in the bar waiting for friends to arrive. She notice me sitting in a corner booth at the back of the bar. She was curious and intriged, I was dressed in a dark suit, my salt and peper hair neatly trimmed, rugged facial features, muscular build, and she gussed my age to be about 54.

She asked the bartender to send me a drink, she also asked him he knew I was. The bartender told her I was part owner of the restaurant, a wealthy lawyer and business mogul, and a player. She turned looking at me and smiled as the drink was delivered. I nodded and smiled. The evening had gone brilliantly, Morgan and her friends had drunk quite a lot of wine and cocktails and heads were defintely spinning. Most of the women had dressed similarly to Morgan. The short skirts and sexy blouses had the men at the Silver Fox buying drinks and getting closer then they should.

At the end of the night, the lights in the club came back on and people leaving. Morgan had enjoyed the night and was looking to just get home and sleep because she had work tomorrow. I stepped into the light and said, " Thank you for the drink, I thought maybe you'd join for a nightcap. Morgan smiled and replied, " I need to get home, I have to work tomorrow."

My name is John, " nice to meet you" I'm Morgan she replied. " It would be a pleasure to have such a beautiful lady join me for a nightcap. I will have one of the staff here drive your car to your place. Join me at my penthouse and I have my driver take you home." I said.

As we entered my penthouse, before she knew what was happening, I pulled Morgan close to me and kissed her fully on the lips. Morgan responded in kind, her tongue fighting mine for supremacy. I broke the lustful encounter long enough to close and lock the door.

I guide Morgan to the balcony, standing behind Morgan, I slowly unzip her dress then sliding it off her shoulders, my firm hands massaging her arms and breasts into relaxation. As the garments fall away....the natural ease of my touch makes her weak in the knees. I place her hands on the railing, just waist high, feeling more stable, she again relaxs to my caress, her skin tingling as the unfamiliar sensation of soft silk cloth begins to slide down her back... she inhales sharply as she feels the soft material brush across her nipples, her nipples respond immediately becoming hard.

Morgan is so enraptured by the sensation on her nipples, she fails to notice I had gently ripped the crotch of her pantyhose, and am now sliding her feet apart, as she feels my hardness press into her from behind. " Oh My God!" she feels a little knot nestled into her clit. I move the knot a little pulling it deeper into the cleft of her, which is getting moist with desire, and turning her on immensely.

My touch surprises her, first to her cheek, then caressing her right thigh; it's as if I'm everywhere at once, hands, lips gliding unchecked along her soft 'everywhere a massage', heighteningher sensitivity as I lighten my touch to a whisper, as she stretchs backwards straining for my touch.

She becomes aware that my attention has transferred to her feet, her feet are slowly parting til they come to rest aganist a table leg on each side... shuddering, as she feels both dangerouslyand deliciously exposed, with her legs well spread and her sweet pussy lips starting to put open with desire....I kneel before her, the sweet aroma of her desire flaring my nostrils as I kiss gentle from one knee cap up to her mound, and down to the other....pausing ever longer with each pass, my tongue dwelling just above her clitoris for what seems like an eternity....

Then suddenly, with a low growl, " ggggrrrrrr...gggggrrrrr." I bite into her pantyhose tearing it wider, exposing her sweet pussy to the cool night air - then she feels my warm breath between her legs, and shivers as the tip my tongue slides gently over the base of her vagina, exploring from side to side, as I work my way up through her my tongue reaches her swollen tender clit it abrutly slides to the side of her pink hood, swirls across the top, nad descends again in waves, plunging a little deeper into her sweet essence with each slide.

Eagerly drawing the sweet nectar from her with my hungry mouth, she shivers and shakes with the first waves orgasms... she moans " oooooooohhhhhhh....ooooooooohhhhhh...oooohhhhh." my rhythm never changes, my tongue is dancing slowly up and across her clit, slaloming down again, no minute portion of her sweet pussy is lacking, the thorough attention of my tongue...her shuddering orgasms have pumped my veined hard cock to its limit, the swollen helmet erect and proud, straining for her soft wetness...

As I embrace her, pulling her aganist me, she relaxes as the warmth of my chest presses aganist her exposed back. My lips caress her neck as I slid my hand slowly up the side of her ribs, then cup her breasts firmly and feel her lean into my touch as she tries to turn from me, I kiss the nape of her neck and along the top of her shoulder, savoring the light scent of her perfume, my senses now aroused and inspired, I trace my lips over the soft smooth warmth of her shoulder and back up her neck. Kissing up her neck, I whisper deeply, mmmmm, I love how sexy you are nude, she giggles softly and settles back into me, then turns her head to look into my eyes, and our lips met in a deep passionate kiss.

My fingertips circle lightly over her hard erect nipples, she presses her hands over mine, silently encouraging me to squzze her nipples between my fingers. Our tongues tease and play between our lips, and she feels bulge of my rock hard cock pressing aganist her ass from inside my pants. I slid one hand down to her thigh, then slides over the smooth warmth of her inner thigh, and my hand massages below her pussy, seeking the heat of her passion.

My fingertips traces over her swollen pussy lips and my palm lightly rubs her mound, pressing on her aroused clit. Feeling the heat of her raging lust and the tingling pulse of desire for more, looking into her eyes I could see the gleam of her raging passion, she feels the warm pleasure from my touch, and her smile widens as she glances down at the bulge waiting for her in my pants.

With a mischievious grin I reach out and grasp her hands in mine, quickly pulling her aganist me, then wrapping her hands behind her back, I slid my grip up firmly around her wrists. Restraining her hands aganist the curve of her back, I draw her tight aganist my chest and whisper " I'm going to fuck you long and hard." My lips pressed firmly over hers, quieting her brief attempt to protest.

I feel her relaxing and pushing her luscious breasts and mound aganist me as she eagerly returns my kiss. lingering over my lips, then anxiously playing her tongue aganist mine. I release her hands from my grip, and she quickly reachs up behind my neck and runs her fingers through my hair as our passionate kisses wander from our lips, exploring each others flushed cheeks and neck.

I reach down slipping my hands o her firm ass firmly massaging and squeezing the warm curves of her ass, holding her tight aganist me and pressing my hard bulge aganist her stomach. I playfully run my finger up and down the crack of her ass, she softly protests " stop...please stop...not there." " Shhhhh," rubbingmy hard cock aganist her wet pussy, causing her to squeal.

Nuzzling her neck, I reach around her caressing her hips. Massaging and spreading her ass cheeks, she gasps, " AAAAAHHHH!" as I my fingertip teases the rim of her ass. She leans into me, pressing her cheek aganist my bare chest, slightly bending and spreading her legs inviting my exploring fingers further between her legs. I slowly rub my fingers beyond the rim of her ass, and I hear her gasp, " AAAAAAHHHHH!" As I tease between her ass rim and the wetness of her pussy.

My fingers slowly massage back and forth between her pussy and ass rim, spreading her wetness, listening to her draw her breath in as she feels the pressure of my fingers teasing the warm wet folds of swollen pussy lips. She urgently presses her mound aganist my thigh, rubbing aganist her tender clit while she slowly gyrates and pushs her pussy aganist my hand, encouraging and wanting my fingers deeper in her warm wet velvet aching hole.

I feel her heat and wetness as my fingers slide deeper into her, and begin a slow rhythmic pumping motion, my fingers glide in and out of her slippery pussy, feeling her pussy squeezing my fingers. Increasing the rhythm, I feel the slippery wettness of her juicies flowing over my fingers and hand. Her wettness spreads over her pussy lips, I hear her breathing quickening as she moans softly, " ooooooohhhhhhh...ooooooohhhhhhh.." pressing her lips aganist my chest.

She kisses across my chest to my nipple, circling and licking my nipple with her tongue. Opening my pants, pushing them down to the floor, she grabs my long thick hard cock, and her other hand reachs behind me squeezing my ass cheek, then lightly rakes her fingernails across my ass and up my back. I shiver at the feel her nails raking lightly over my back. My cock is throbbing and twitching in her hand as she strokes the shaft. She feels the wettness of my pre-cum on her fingers, spreading it over the hard long thick shaft, making the shaft slippery in her hand as she strokes it.

She feels my fingers pulling out of her pussy, drawiing in her breath sharply at the sudden loss, then feeling my wet fingertips caressing her inner thighs, spreading her juicies and lubricating the rim of her ass. I slowly circle and press my finger aganist the rim and hear her purr, " mmmmmmm, that feels ssssoooooo good!" She pushs her ass back aganist the pressure of my finger, wanting to feel it inside her ass.

Suddenly I push my finger into her tight virgin ass, she screams " OMG! OOOOOHHHHH!" Feeling the sudden intrusion into her tight ass, she thrusts her fingers into her wet pussy. I slowly and gently finger fuck her tight ass, as she masturbates. I grab a handful of her hair, exposing her shoulder and neck to my lips. I press my lips aganist her ear, whispering " mmmmmmm, your ass is ssssssooooo hot and tight...I want and need to fuck your ass.... do you want me to fuck your hot ass?"

She moans softly, " mmmmmmm, yet...I have never been fucked there.... it will hurt....your cock is to long and thick.... it won't fit." I pull my finger out of her ass, and hear her draw in her breath sharply, moaning " oooooohhhhh!" at the sudden loss.I turn her around to face me, grabbing Morgan, picking her up carring her into the bedroom, laying her onto the bed.

She spreads her legs open waiting to recieve me, I crawl between them, moving up to her pussy. Then press aganist her pussy rotating my hips aganist her wet pussy.So she could feel my hard long thick cock. I then lay my long thick hard cock on her stomach watching her reaction. Morgan whimpers, " is so long and thick like a baseball bat,,,,I have never been fucked with a cock that is to won't fit...please be gentle." I slid my cock down to her wet quivering pussy, I whisper : relax... don't tense up....your very will hurt." I rub the bulbous plum head aganist her wet pussy lips, sending shivers through her.

She is squirming under me, I know her lust is raging. She bends her legs at the knees opening herself up further. Slowly, I feather kiss her upper most inner thigh, then just above her pussy, then I do the same on the other side. She sighs then moans, " ooooohhhhh...ooooohhhhh....oooooohhhhhh.." Then I slid my tongue into her slit, she cries out " OMG! OMG! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!" in lustful desire. I continue working my tongue up and down her slit. Then I begin probing in and out of her cunt, she is writhing and arching her pelvis towards me. I lick around her asshole and she gasps, " OOOOOHHHH...OMG."

Then my tongue continueously probs her asshole, " OMG! OMG! OOOOHHHH!" this was a signal of a new experience for her. Morgan grabs my head and screams " OOOOOHHHH....OOOOOOHHHHH...OOOOOOHHHHH....AAAAAAAHHHHHHH." I continue to tongue - fuck her sweet ass. I continued not rushing, letting her enjoy the pleasurable feelings. I slowly trace a path up her crack to her hard tender clit and again, she screams " OMG...OOOOOOHHHHH...OOOOOOOOHHHHHH.." in pure escasty.

I keep my tongue swirling and twirling around and over that hard little button. I slide my tongue to her pussy, start tongue fucking her, Morgan grabs my head tightly holding it, whispering, " oh babe... oh babe... that feels ssssssoooo incredibly gggooooddd.. your going to make me cum for the first time in a very long time... You're driving me soooo crazy. it comes..." Her cum splashs on my face and mouth.

I suck and swallow the sweet nector as she is screaming in orgasmic relief " OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH....OOOOOOOOHHHHHH...OMG! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH." I slid up positioning the tip of my cockhead on her pussy lips, she gasps " OOOOHHH!" when I press the head aganist the pussy lips opening them, the tip of my cock head touchs the opening of her cunt. Morgan shivers and her body jerks feeling my hot hard cock pressing aganist her cunt.

Thrusting my cock into her hot wet velvet box, the shaft sliding in about six inches, Morgan's body jerks from the intrusion and she screams, " OMG! OOOOOOHHHHH...OMG! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH." " Tighten your pussy Morgan, let me feel your pussy gripping my cock telling me how much you want me to fuck you." I feel her muscles clamping down on my cock, I push futher into her, stretching, rubbing, and tearing the narrow vaginal tunnel. Sliding more of the baseball bat length and thickness into her.

The wetness of the tunnel was helping to ease the feeling of the baseball bat being shoved into her. Morgan gasps, " OOOOOHHHH...OOOOOOHHHHH." as the pain continues to increase, she is writhing and screaming " OMG! STOP! STOP! IT IS TO BIG...IT WON'T FIT...TAKE IT OUT NOW!" Morgan has tears running down her face , as she bucks her hips up towards me, trying to push me out of her. Not caring that it felt like she was being split in two, I thrust harder driving the thick shaft futher into her.

" SSSSSSSSHHHHHH...SSSSSSSSSHHHHHH." try to relax, I will pull out and use more lubrication." I said. I pull out of her , my cock is covered in blood cum, blood and cum is dripping from her pussy onto the sheets. I quickly thrust back into her driving the long thick shaft al the way into her, the head comes to rest aganist her uterus. Morgan is wildly thrashing under me screaming obscenities, " YOU SORRY BASTARD....OMG...YOU BASTARD....OOOOOOOHHHHHH... YOU FUCKING BASTARD." I feel her pussy contracting, squeezing, and milking my cock.

I pul back then slam back into her, slowly pulling in and out building up a rhythm, she is sobbing as I slam into her like a pile driver. I feel her contracting muscles sheathing and unsheathing the shaft." OH Baby... you are sssooo tight... it feels incredible." I murmur. Morgan is raising her pelvis to meet my pelvis with each thrust, she screams " OH..OMG..THAT THROBBING COCK FEELS SSSSSSSOOOOO INCREDIBLE."

I continue slamming into with long deep thrusts, my balls slapping up aganist her ass, wao..wap..wap..wap! our pubic hair meshing together. Morgan is screaming " OMG...OMG...OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH...OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH...OOOOOOHHHHH..AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH." as orgasms surge through her. Slamming into her like piston with long deep strokes, she is arching her back with each thrust. I groan," UH..UH..UH..UH..UH..UH.." I stop holding my cock completely in her, letting her feel my throbbing cock, as it jerks wildly aganist the walls of her uterus. Jets of semen shooting out covering the walls. Every spasm of my cock in her sets off a firestorm in Morgan, her back archs as her muscles clamp down on my cock like a pitbull.

Morgan is screaming " OOOHHHH...OOOOHHHHH..OOOHHH... UUUUUUHHHHH...UUUUHHHH....MMMMMMMMMMM." as my orgasm is abating. Her pussy relaxes the grip on my cock, both of us collapse onto the bed, gasping for breath. I push myself up off of her. Morgan stares up at me as I ask her to roll onto her stomach. She rolls over onto her stomach I reach down, running my hand along her slender thigh.

I brush my hand across the cheeks of her ass, " GOD, you have a beautiful ass...I loved your ass when you came into the bar." I instructed her to lay on her side with one leg curled up and the other leg straight out, I position myself behind her, grabbing her cheek, parting it, I see the small pink rosebud. I poisition the tip of my cock aganist her asshole.

Morgan whimpers, " nnnnnooooo...nnnnnnooooo...please don't... please don't." As I push the head aganist her asshole, she screams " STOP...STOP..." I lean in hard pressing the head aganist the resisting ring. Her entire body tenses, in an effort to resist the coming impalement. Holding on to my cock to prevent it from sliding off of her asshole, pushing hard I feel the ring starting to give ever so slightly. She could sense it too, and she starts crying. I continue to push and suddenly her anus loses the battle and my cock head forces it's way into her. Her body is shaking, her head comes back towards me as she utters an agonized scream, " OMG...OOOOOOOHHHHHH...AAAAAAAHHHHHH...OOOOHHHHHHH." Her anus has never been violated before and forced wide open. She shudders as if she is trying to shake the pain from her body.

The pain is about to get worse....much worse. Once the head was in, I can push the shaft slowly forcing it inch by inch into her. She is convulsing and howling, " AAAAAAAAHHHH..AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH..AAAAAAAAHHHHHH." from the pain as the thick shaft stretchs her rectum. Finally, the entire long thick shaft is buried completely in her. I pull completely out of her ass, rolling her onto her stomach, spreading her legs, crawling between them grabbing her waist pulling up onto her knees. I tell her to get on her hands and knees, she is shaking her head whimpering " please no more... please stop."

She feels me sliding up aganist her, my hairy thighs rubbing agaisnt her inner thighs. I suddenly thrust into her tight ass, driving the full length into her, my balls slap aganist her sore pussy. The tightness of her ass forces each thrust to be slow short and shallow. I start working my cock in and out increasing the thrusts to long and deep ones.The repetitive thrusts battering her, my balls slapping her sore pussy, " WAP...WAP...WAP...WAP." Her buttocks and thighs are quivering as she struggles being fucked in the ass. She is howling " OOOOOOOOHHHHHH...OOOOOOOOHHHHHH...OOOOOOOHHHHHH, AAAAAAAAHHHHHH...NO MORE...OMG...STOP...YOU BASTARD." After several minutes of fucking, I feel my orgasm coming, and slamminto one last time planting my balls tight aganist her. She tenses up tightening the muscles around my cock, I let aloud groan " UUUUUUUHHHHHHH....UUUUUUUUHHHHHH." Then powerful jets of semen is spraying the walls of her rectum. I collapse aganist her holding my cock in her. My sweat is dripping on her, her body is shaking as I pull out dropping her to he bed. She curls up in a ball, sobbing.

I lean down kissing her cheek, I whisper " when your ready to go home, my driver is in the living room waiting.Your clothes are in the bathroom. Leave me your number so I can call you."

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