That left my mom with my four brothers and me. I was sixteen and the oldest. At 40, she was attractive although she was a little on the plump side. A year after my dad died my mom started going out and she had a few boyfriends. One of these that she met was a guy that was 25. He was a hunter and had told my mom that he would be willing to take me out with him sometime. I was really looking forward to this. One evening when he came over, my mom sent my brothers and me downstairs and locked the basement door. I was curious as to what was going on so I went over to the stairs to look under the door and through to the living room to see if I could see anything. One of my brothers started making so much noise that my mother came over to the door to see what the noise was about. When I saw her coming, I quickly got off the stairs so as not to get caught. I next then went out one of the basement windows and got a bicycle and moved it over to one of the bedroom windows. I climbed up on the bike and entered the bedroom and quickly got under the bed. I had determined that I hadn't been heard so I crawled out from under the bed and crept down the hallway towards the living room. I could hear some noises but wasn't sure what was happening. I could tell that he was sitting on the big chair and I could see that my mom was on the floor in front of him. I could also see that her clothes were in the middle of the living room floor.

I heard him say " Oh baby that feels so good, suck me more." and "I love your tits bring them closer so I can play with them." Then I heard him say "I going to shoot my load, are you ready?" Then I heard him say a few ooo's and ah's and as he was saying that I heard her mmmmmming and then I heard him say, "lick it all up baby". Then I saw her start to stand and lean over to him and kiss him. That was the first time I had seen her tits. I wanted to stay and watch some more but thought I'd better moved before I was caught. I moved back into the bedroom and got back under the bed and watched out into the hallway. Soon they came down the hallway. She was completely naked and was leading him to her bedroom. He was still dressed but his cock was sticking out the front on his pants. Then I heard my mom say "Lets get you out of these clothes." And from the sounds of things she undressed him and then I heard her invite him into the bed. I slowly crawled out from my hiding place and could see that her bedroom door was partially closed. It was closed just enough so that they couldn't see me but I could see almost from their necks on down. I could guess that they were kissing and I could see his hand playing with one of her tits and her hand was stoking his cock. It wasn't long when I saw him roll on top of her raise himself up and saw her hands take hold of his cock and watched as he leaned towards her and she guided him into her pussy.

Then I heard her say "Slowly baby, slowly." I watched as he was slowly sliding back and forth on my mother. Soon she was saying "Go a little faster," "OH baby you feel so good","A little faster now" and finally "Fuck me baby, Fuck me hard" (This was the first time I ever heard her say that. I fact she had washed my mouth out with soap for saying that not too long before.) As I watched he was really rocking her hard and I had my cock in my hard and jacking off just as fast. I had cum and he was stilling fucking her when she started moaning and say "Yes, yes" and then she gave a big groan and then I heard him groan and slow down on his thrusts, groan some more and do a few more thrusts and then he stopped and just laid on her. I saw her wrap her legs around him a guessed that they were kissing. Then I heard her say "Oh Marcel that felt so good. I haven't had a man fuck me for so long. You are so good." I assumed they were kissing again and I thought that I had better get back to my hiding spot. After a few minutes, I heard them getting off the bed and watched as they went into the bathroom. I could hear her peeing and could see that he was standing there watching her and then I could see that he was going to pee as well and heard her say "Let me hold that for you." When he finished peeing, I could see her kneel down in front of him and then said "Like that?" as she stood up. When she came out of the bathroom, I had a complete view for her front, her 36DD tits and her hairy pussy. How I wished that it were me that was fucking her instead of Marcel.

As he came out of the bathroom he said "Looks like there is another drop here." What I saw next totally floored me. I saw my mother stop, turn around, put her hand on his cock, get on her knees licked the head of his cock and then put his cock in her mouth and move her head back and forth. He had his hands on her head and had this big grin on his face.

Then she stopped stood up stoking his cock with her left hand and placing her right behind his head she then kissed him. After the kiss was over I heard her say, "You've already had a blowjob and I want you to fuck me again before you get another. I'll tell you what. I'll get my sister to look after the boys this weekend and you and me can do this all weekend." I could see a big smile on his face and they kissed again all the time she was stroking his cock. He asked what the other rooms were and watched as they went into the baby’s room. A few minutes later they came into the bedroom I was in. I heard him suggest that they get on the lower bunk and fuck there. They decided it wouldn’t be a good idea which was good because I might have been found out. Then I saw her on her hands and knees and could see his knees on the floor behind her. I could see her tits swinging back and forth. She said " Oh baby, I love the way you fuck me, but lets go back to my bed and fuck there."

They went back into her bedroom and I heard them get on the bed. I crawled out and slowly stuck my head out and could see that the bedroom door was still open so that I could see in. I watched as she got on her knees and straddled him. She rocked a little and then I heard her say, "Come on find the hole, I know you can do it. Come on there, there good boy." I watched as she rocked back and forth, her big tits swinging as she rocked. Then she asked him if he wanted to suck a tit. She stopped rocking and I could see that he was fucking her from below. Then she started rocking her pussy up and down on his cock. I heard her ask him if he liked sucking her tits to which I heard "UH huh" Then she asked if he liked fucking her. "UH huh" Then she asked him if he wanted to fuck her on the weekend. "UH huh" As he was fucking her, I noticed that every once in awhile he would slap her ass and keep on fucking. A few times I heard her moaning and when she was moaning she wasn't rocking, he was doing the fucking. After one of her moanings he started moaning and she starting rocking him hard they were both moaning and then they stopped all movement then he did a bit more then they both stopped. I could hear them kissing each other. I moved in for a better look. She was on her knees and his cock was still in her, her tits were pressed against his chest and her head was pressed against his. I moved back into the hallway when I heard her ask about the weekend. He told her that he had a hunting cabin and they could go there and not be bothered. He said that there would be them and his dog. She objected to the dog being there and seeing as they were just talking I went back to my hiding place and just listened. Soon I heard her moaning again and a few minutes later again. I heard them get out of bed so I just lay there and waited. After a little while he came out fully dressed and she was naked. I moved out to see and they were kissing by the door. Then I watched as he put his hands on her shoulders and pressed her to her knees. I watched as she pulled his zipper down, took his cock out, stroked it a little and then put her mouth over it. He put his hands on her head and she put hers on either side of his legs and I watched as she sucked him off. When he was starting to cum, she grabbed his cock with her hand and kept sucking. He came in her mouth and she swallowed it all. Then she stood up and kissed him and I heard her tell him that she will do what ever he wants on the weekend. He said that he would remember that and then left. I saw her go towards the living room, probably to get dressed, so I went out the window and back into the basement. Finally she let us out of the basement after two and a half hours.

My aunt came out on Friday night and stayed with us until mom came home late on Sunday night. She went out with him for a little while and then they stopped seeing each other. That fall when we were out hunting, I found out what happened on that weekend.

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