I never acted on it, because I was afraid of how people would view me.

Then I met my boyfriend, Paul. He was just as sexually adventurous as me, & made me feel comfortable with my sexuality.

It all started with a random conversation about bisexual women. I held back from telling him about my fantasies, until he told me he loves bisexual women. I asked had he ever had a threesome & he said no, but he wanted to, really badly. I told him I would consider it, but we had to find a girl. That seemed to be no problem for him, considering he knew A LOT of women, & still kept in contact with almost all of his ex girlfriends. I kept turning down every female he mentioned, because I didn't want anyone who he had sex with involved. I was afraid they would try 2 monopolize his attention or go stalker status on me & try 2 kill me for his dick. It sounds funny I know, but those were my true feelings.

After about a week, I started to give up hope. Then I met Erica. She was 5'8, light skinned, with huge tits & a nice ass. She was gorgeous. We talked thru text messages for about a week before our conversation turned sexual. She sent me pictures of her pussy, & I swear to you, a picture had never made me wetter. The lips were fat and juicy, & it was completely bald. She later told me she regularly got brazilian waxes. I would have licked the picture, if I wouldn't feel like a pervert afterwards. I had to have her. I wanted her more than I had ever wanted anyone, let alone another woman. I craved to have her pussy in my mouth.

Even though I had only known her a week, I took a leap & asked her if she would be interested in a threesome with my boyfriend and me. She asked me to send her pictures of him, & when I did, she replied, saying, "he is so sexy. I would love to have a threesome with you two. Now, what are the rules?" Rules? I hadn't thought of rules. I told her this, and she helped me out by telling me her rules when she & her now ex boyfriend had done threesomes together.

" Okay, Victoria, Rule #1: I picked the girl, Rule #2: no strings attached, no feelings involved, Rule #3: no outside sexual contact between the girl & either of us, Rule #4: he can not penetrate her without my permission, & its on an day by day basis."

I thought about her rules, & decided I would adopt them as my own. Excitedly, I informed my boyfriend of the new development in "project 3some." I thought he was gonna cum in his pants as excited as he was. I bragged about how beautiful she was, and told him about the rules, which he agreed to. We set up a date for that Friday, but at the last minute, she said she couldn't do it. Paul & I were really disappointed, & he was ready to find another girl, but I really wanted to do the threesome with Erica, so we waited. Finally, a week later we set up another date. We met at my house for dinner, dominoes & drinks. Everyone was real nervous at first, until we started drinking the Pink Panties I had made (I used a lot of gin, but that's our little secret) and soon, everyone was drunk.

Finally, the action began. It started with small gestures, like hand touches, footsy under the table, and everyone laughing and making sexual jokes. Then I found myself getting bold. I reached over & grabbed her tit, laughing hysterically. She retaliated by pulling my tit out of my tank top, & pinching my nipples. I squealed and jumped, smacking her hand. Paul followed her lead by reaching over and grabbing my nipple. He leaned over & put my nipple in his mouth, sending chills down my spine. I abruptly stopped laughing & held onto the table for support. She grabbed my other nipple & put that one in her mouth. The feeling of my nipples being sucked at the same time was too much to bear, so I said "time out!" I had to gain control in this situation, so I got up from the table, and stumbled over to Erica. I grabbed her by hand and lifted her out of her seat. I wasted no time in pulling her towards me, and deepy kissing her, our tits rubbing together, our moans sounding as one.

Paul watched in shock at us kissing, and pulled his dick out. It sprung to attention, begging to be serviced. I ended our kiss and walked over to him. I felt really bold. I kissed him and stroked his hard 9-inch dick, making him moan into my mouth. Suddenly I felt hands on my back. Erica reached around to play with my nipples while I kissed Paul, and he reached me to play with hers. This night was getting better and better. "Naked, now!" I said to both of them, and we all wasted no time in shedding our now restrictive clothing. We ended up on the bed, in a tangled mess of limbs and tongues, eagerly licking and sucking at whatever we could find. I began to suck my boyfriends dick, spitting on it to get really sloppy, just how he likes it. I jacked him off with both of my hands while I played with the head with my tongue and full lips. Erica rubbed on my ass then reached over and started playing with my clit. I gasped at the feeling of her delicate fingers rubbing me, and man she knew what she was doing. With her playing with me, I sucked on his dick with so much enthusiasm he had to stop me. "Baby, stop before I cum." I smiled coyly at him. "I wanna watch u and Erica," He told me.

She wasted no time in positioning herself under me and sitting me on her face. She lapped greedily at my swollen pussy, and I moaned loudly. It felt so good, better than I could have imagined. I played with my nipples & sucked my fingers while I rode her pretty face. I watched Paul jack off his dick, a look of pure lust in his eyes. Finally my shyness left me, and curiosity took over. I climbed off her face, and kissed her, tasting myself on her lips and chin. I kissed and licked down her body until I reached the treasure I had fantasized about that whole week. Her pussy was just as pretty in person as it was in the pictures. I was a little nervous, afraid I wouldn't like the taste or the smell of another womans pussy. Boy was I wrong. The minute I got to her navel, I could smell her & tell she was wet as fuck. I dipped my finger in between her lips and heard the slurpy sound that comes when a woman is extremely wet. I licked my finger, & was pleasantly surprised. She tasted a little sweet, a little tangy but I wanted more. I stuck my tongue out & licked her pussy with the lips closed, then slid it between her lips. She was so wet, a trail followed when I pulled away. I dove back in, eagerly eating her pussy, doing all the things I liked to be done to me. She instructed me to lick her clit while fingering her, which I did, and she went wild.

While I was eating her pussy, Paul came over and sucked Erica's nipples. He was positioned over her, and she grabbed his dick and began stroking it. She put it in her mouth, sliding her tongue up and the down the shaft. After a few minutes he stopped her. "Damn." He came over to me, and pulled my ass up in the air. He laid underneath me and began eating me while I was eating her! I swear I was so turned on I almost came right then and there. We stayed in that position for what seemed like forever. Me licking and fingering her juicy pussy while Paul hungrily ate mine.

Suddenly, Paul stopped. "Baby, lets play a game. Ill fuck you while you eat her pussy. The louder she moans the harder I fuck you." Oh my gosh! He knew how much I loved being fucked hard from the back. So I was game. He didn't wait for my answer. Instead he got on his knees behind me & rammed his dick into my tight pussy, making me scream into hers. He started off with slow and torturous strokes. I started to lick her pussy with so much hunger, hoping she would scream. And boy did it pay off. She started moaning my name, and every time she said my name, he pumped harder, making me shiver and moan. I licked, she screamed, he pumped, I moaned.

This cycle continued until out of nowhere, she grabbed my head and screamed. Her legs started shaking like she was having a seizure and I knew I had made her cum, especially when she squirted on my chin! I couldn't believe I had made a girl cum from my first time eating pussy. While she was coming, he pumped harder until he let out a yell, pulled out and came on my ass. We all laid down, exhausted, when I realized, I hadn't gotten my orgasm yet. There was no way in hell I wasn't gonna cum after all the work I did! When I told them, they looked at each other, and pounced on me. He took my nipples in his mouth, while she took my pussy in hers. They licked and sucked and tugged on me until finally, sweet bliss. I erupted in one of biggest, most mind blowing orgasms ever. She continued to lick my clit until I became too sensitive and pushed her away.

We all got in the shower together, and cleaned each other off. (We had a little fun there too. But that's a different story) Then, exhausted, we all laid on the bed and passed out. Project 3some was a success.

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