This hot chick knows how to get rid of the work stress, she lets her pussy take control of her, and it seems there’s no stopping…

One day, when the work day was over, I and my new secretary (a woman who worked with me her 1st day), stayed in the office late. After a long and hard work day we discussed some issues over business and drinking fresh coffee. She was medium-height 25 year old girl, single, long black haired an alumna. After the discussion I noticed her being a bit nervous and strained, so I approached her and smelled a slight aroma of her perfume, I leant over her head and saw her hands trembling…

"What’s wrong with you?"

"No, it’s OK, I’ve been working hard today"

"It always happens when it’s a first day of the office. Get up and I’ll show you one way how to relax, I think that should help you feel better!"

She turned to me, suddenly her mouth opened and her tongue licked the lips. They turned wet and my heart thumped with an excitement.

"Stay straight, put your legs together, now stretch both your hands wide aside!"

Oh, my God, she was blessed with rather big boobs! Her nipples protruded through the thin top, it took me quite long to stay without male’s love, so that was too much for me, I couldn’t contain myself any longer…. I grasped her nipples and squeezed them. She lowered the hands and gave me a troubled look:

"What are you doing?"
"Don’t worry, honey, we are gonna have some fun and relax…I won’t hurt you!"

I pulled her close to me and looked into eyes. Her mouth was half-open, breathed hard. Protruding my tongue I passed it along her lips and biting the under lip began sucking it putting it in her mouth. Her tongue began to move as well, and we soon joined our lips in a deep kiss caressing each other’s tits at the same time. The excitement grew up, having torn from kissing one another we undid our blouses, the top and the bras and I as thought stuck into her breast graced with 2 marvelous cherries on the tops. She started moaning, sweet girl, she had no idea what was going to happen then.

I took her at the hand and led to my desk. Then I rode up her skirt, undid the stockings and found silky white panties down there; leaning over it I smelled a wonderful aroma coming from the wet stain on it. Unable to control myself I removed her underwear, sank into the chair and this sweet shaved pussy turned right in front of my face; I spread her legs and having admired it for some time and stopped fro a while pondering of what to started from first: excited swollen purple clit hanging out of the pussy or tiny hole right in there, or may be from the second hole beneath…. So I decided to start from the second one!
I opened my desk box and took a face cream, squeezed out a handful of it, brought it to her backwards and put the finger in her butthole. Wow, her tight hole squeezed my finger, she began moving her ass in time with movements. She likely enjoyed all that lying outstretched on the desk with red face and biting the lips. She evidently indulged this enjoyment….

After awhile I noticed that her juices started leaking onto my hand; I pulled out my finger, grasped her at hips, and shoved my tongue in there: it penetrated right in her wet pussy and got down to exploring her down there. I licked her snatch very tenderly, eating her love juices, and finally stack my insatiable tongue right in her pussy and began moving it furiously…. She moaned squeezing my head with both legs and hands grasping my hair.
I realized that the orgasm was approaching, so flicked the clit with fingers harder and then began sucking it vehemently. In a few minutes her lower parts started and recoiled, she even squealed and began convulsing with chest moans escaping her mouth. Falling back on the chair I watched her coming and after she got quietened down I went on licking her down there….
Having recovered her breath she looked at me with gloomy eyes and uttered:

"I want… I want to do the same to you…."

I was completely wet… we changed seats: she kissed my face, sucked my tits and flicked the clit… she rubbed it so hard that I came soon….

"Honey, open the lower box….."

She obeyed and took out a dildo.

"Think of the ways how to use it to me…."

The girl opened my vulvar lips and took up sucking the clit, she passed her tongue round the hole, biting it slightly, finally it entered my burning cunt while fingers fondled the clit… oh, my God, that was my climax…..

All my entity burned with excitement; soon I sensed the cold of the dildo sliding inside, it damped with my juice, I was in the seventh heaven…. Ramming my pussy with the dildo she never forgot to fondle my clit with the tongue and that drove me mad…. There was no need to say that I came 2 times running after that.

When it was over, we stood face to face exhausted and happy; kissing and nestling to one another… we decided to continue it tomorrow in my home…..
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