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Trip to the Market

"Jason!!!!!" Yelled Jason's mother. "We are going to the Market! Get your shoes on!"
"Comin' Momma!!" He hollered back, thumping down the steps to get his shoes on.
Jason dropped to the floor,grabbing his shoes before tousling with them, fighting to get his shoes on his feet, they, his shoes, were a size too small. Once he was able to put his shoes on his feet, he tied the laces, his tongue sticking out the entire time that he did so. He was so proud himself. He had just learned how to tie his shoes all by himself.
Jason was 9 years of age. He was 4"2' tall. He was very fit for his age. He was lean, and had lost almost all of his baby fat, Almost all of it; his face was still plump; the perfectly shaped baby face. He had big Topaz colored eyes with creamy rich smooth skin. He had a very girlish form; a nice, plump ass, wide, yet narrow hips, hairless legs, dainty feetand small hands. His voice was soft, feminine almost, while his hair was a brown, copper color that was always in a tangled, messy mess that framed his face.
"Come on, Hunny, It's time to get going," His Mother walked into the entry hall, her heels clicking on the hard blackwood. His mother had matching topaz eyes, she was a natrual dishwater blonde, and so that ment his father gave him his hair. His mother still had her figure; her assets, as most called them; and she wore a silk blouse that was low cut and a pencil skirt that hugged her ass and hips.
"Alright, Momma," He said, pushing himself up and smiling up at her.
Running her fingers through his hair, she smiled back. She opened the door and stepped out, turning the car on at the click of a button. Jason climbed into the back of the car, buckling himself up and bouncing gently, excited. He swung his feet back and forth as he stared out the window.
Fifteen minutes later, they were at the Market. Jason was still bouncing around, and holding up things for his mother to see and say, "Can I have this?" Only to be told no over and over. He'd Shrug each time. Eventually, he felt a pressure in his groin and whined that he had to go pee.His mother, wanting to hurry up and get the shopping done as soon as possible, Called a stock boy over.
"Yes, ma'am?" Asked the boy, tilting his head as he looked at her with his sturdy, serious green eyes. He was a handsome boy; strong, but narrow jawline, a straight, thin nose, and full, lush lips.He was tall, very tall, and his skin was white, not a pale white, but a creamy white. His hair was black, and hung over his eyes.
His mother wasn't sure about trusting this boy, but she did anyway. "Will you please take my son to the bathroom and take care of him while I finish shopping? I need to hurry, and If I take him it'll take awhile. He's more respondent to other boys when it comes to this sort of stuff." The Stock Boy's eyes would flick down to the young boy; who crossing his legs as he bit his lip; before giving a small smirk, a smirk that only the son caught, but didn't think anything of it. A moment later, the Stock Boy Responded, "Yes, Ma'am. I'll take him towards the front of the doors and wait with him for you there."
"Thank you, ah," She glanced down at his name tag, "Andrew."
"You're welcome, Ma'am," Andrew bowed his head, and gripped the boy's hand, leading him to the bathroom.
Once they were in the bathroom, Andrew turned and locked the door. It was a two person bathroom. Two stalls, two urinals, and two sinks. Andrew turned, looking at the boy and grabbed his hips, proping him up on one of the marble sinks. He unbuttoned his pants, and tugged down the zipper, pushing his pants down around his anckles before setting the boy back down on the floor infront of the shorter urinal.
Shyly, Jason looked back up and over his shoulder to look at Andrew, nibbling his little lower lip before studdering, "C.. Can you help me, M..mister Andrew?" Andrew arched one brow, squating down and sliping his long fingers around the boys soft penis gently, and held it up and slightly over the rim of the urinal. With this, He would say, "Pee, already."
Jason peed after a few hesitant moments, biting the tip of his finger shyly as he watched the hand gripping his private place. once he was done, Jason started to bend over to pull up his pants when he felt the tip of something wet slip into his butthole. It was Andrew's finger.
"You know... It's not nice to tease a man like that and not give him something in return," Andrew growled into the little boys ear, pushing inside the boy's hole gently with his finger, making Jason moan and whimper, "It hurts..."
Andrew pulled his finger out, and hoiseted the boy up, setting him on the counter. "Relax," Andrew hissed, pushing the boy onti his back and tugged the rest of his pants off. He spread the little boys legs and spread them, not very surprised when he noticed that the little child's penis was hard.
Gently, Andrew squirted some lube onto his finger that he just pulled out of his poke. He rubbed the lube against his tight ass, circling it until he felt him relax and the he slide his entire finger inside of him. Andrew wiggled his finger, turning his finger gently in circles. After a while, Andrew slipped another finger inside and started pumping his fingers in and out of his ass. Jason couldn't help it. Andrew kept on rubbing his prostate, making moan loudly.
"Now, You're ready," Andrew chuckled, pullingh is cock out of his jeans. He took a deep breath, rubbing the lube all over his cock and making it slick and slimy. Putting the head at the boy's entrence, He glanced up at Jason. "Hey, Kid... What's your name?" Andrew asked. "J.. Jason... M.. Mister Andrew, please m.. make me feel good again. I.. It feels weird, but I like it."
With a laugh, Andrew pushed in slightly. "I.. It hurts!" Jason cried. "Stop, Stop, Please, Pull it out!" He yelled. "Relax, It'll feel good soon," Andrew said, distracted as he watched his thick, 8 inch meat slip into that tight, creamy, delicious ass of Jason's.
Jason's eyes pricked with tears, and he bite his lip, writhing in pain. But He breathed deeply, trying to relax as Mister Andrew said. After awhile, It stopped hurting, and Jason started moaning.
Andrew stared down at the little boy, groaning as he took in the tight little body wrapped around his aching cock. He thrust gently at first, not wanting to hurt the boy more than neccessary, but after he started sliding in and out easily, He started picking up his pace, pounding the kid. "Fuck, Kid!" He yelled, his hands slapping onto his hips as he drove into him.
Jason had never felt anything so good in his life. He moaned loudly and wildly, his back arching uncontrolable as he tried scooting closer to Andrew's Body. "Ah... M.. Mister! Stop! I'm gunna pee! I'm gunna PEE!!!" He screamed, His eyes opening up wide as he stared up at him.
At this, Andrew pounded into him faster and harder as He panted, groaning as He pushed flush against his ass, cumming inside of him. Andrew new that Jason had cum, there were little strings of clear liquid on his stomach. Andrew pulled out, wiping the boy and himself off. He tugged his cock away, and fixed the boys clothing, smirking down at him. It was a bit of surprise though when Jason hugged his legs tightly, rubbing his cheek on his pants.
"Mister Andrew, You should ask Momma if you could be my Babysitter, You're alot of fun. Momma has been lookin for Someone to take care of me while she's at work and out of town."
Andrew looked down at the boy, hoisting him up again and resting him on his hip. "Alright, I will, But you cant tell your mommy what we just did. It's our little secret, whattya say, kid?" Jason stuck out his free hand to handshake. Giggling as he looked up Andrew, He gripped his hand and shook, and out they went the bathroom door to wait for His mommy.

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