*I’m Doug. I’ll be narrating this story because I want Jill to tell it in her own words. Later I got Jill’s thoughts at the time these things happened. I’ll narrate them in.

__There is no category for this story. It’s about what’s ‘Going’ to happen faster that anyone expected……

__I was at the nations top ’Technical Institute’ and I met this nerd girl, Jill. She had glasses, dark but un-combed hair, a cute face, a good figure and nice tits. She worked with the latest robots and after a lot of talking she slowly revealed this top secret story.

We were at Jill’s house talking and something was up. She had on a long nightgown, nothing on underneath, no nerd glasses, hair all fixed and she looked hot. Here’s what Jill revealed secretly.*

__I had always had a fascination with robots. I got a job working with them and they put me in charge of a secret project of having sex with robots. I had a helper named Phil, who was great. I had sex before with guys and I had the ideal guy that I pattered my efforts after. Looks and movements were no problem. I worked with an experimental robot I called ‘MEM’, Male Electronic Mate. I made him to my specifications and now it was time to give him my human test.

I took him home late one night and we entered the my house in the dark. I was about to have the very first sex with a robot….Mem.

He wore a hoodie so no one could see is generic unfinished face and body. I had some tools if I need to make adjustments on him. My ideal guy was like my dad, only in his early 20’s. I never had sex with my dad, but I sure wanted to. I got some of my dads DNA and put it in Mem’s computer. Now I had an exact duplicate of my dad.

We sat on the couch and talked. His perfect voice started right off arousing me. His hidden desires for me were now released and he began with romantic talk as we held each other close. I had turned out all the lights but one. His face felt like my dads and he was very warm and loving.

  • Jill paused for about 5 minutes. We were at her house on the couch and I just kept quiet and let her ponder on what she was going to tell me next. Much later I found out what her thoughts were at that time. *

Jill’s thoughts at that time…..

__ Mem and I started in with wonderful foreplay. Of course he knew just what I liked and now my mind drifted to having my daddy have sex with me. He instantly got me way hotter that I had expected. He kissed me so tender I had an orgasm as his perfect tongue and mine intertwined. His warm hands felt my tits and rolled my nipples just like daddy use to. I felt his erection between my legs making me so wet. He kissed lower and lower until he got to my wet pussy. I could feel his warm breath on my clit as he licked it just like daddy use to.

I’ll continue but I had to tell Doug this part:

__I hadn’t ever planned to reveal this part …but I felt I had to let Doug know the whole story. Being around Doug now, the only guy who had ever taken an interest in my work, had changed me. I had been around robots for a long time now and had forgot what a real human guy was like. I became very drawn to Doug secretly but now things were coming out in me and I knew he would understand…..

"Doug", I said: "I never had sex with my dad, well….not full intercourse, that is. With mom gone, daddy and I became close and we slowly became….a… kind of lovers…I guess. It started when he would tuck me in bed and kiss me good night. I started holding the kisses for longer and longer times. We didn’t talk at first but we slowly began to put our arms around each other and then I let my tongue start going in his mouth. It felt hot and wonderful to do, and he joined me in some very hot kissing. Next I put his hand on my tits and I felt his hardon. We progressed each night until he was fingering my pussy and I was jacking his hardon.

We arrived at mutual masturbation. It was the hottest thing I had ever done, and with my favorite guy ever,…. my daddy.

It got better. He turned one night and began kissing my tummy and legs. I just knew he would lick my pussy next …and he sure did.

I kissed his hardon and slowly took it in my mouth as he licked my pussy. We had our first oral sex that night. My body twitched with euphoric joy and I jacked him faster. I got what I wanted….. a flood of hot cum filled my mouth as he groaned with pleasure.

It was a dream come true as we began doing this a lot now. We both longed to have full sex, but soon I went off to collage and daddy got a
new girlfriend and moved away.

It left a void in my life that I now was fulfilling it with my robot work. Now you see Doug, how I arrived at where I’m at today."

  • I watched Jill as she scooted close to me. She was breathing hard and held my arm. "You’re the real thing Doug, a human guy and I need a human guy to be with."

I asked: "Does Mem have anything conflict with us?" She giggled and said: "Well, let’s find out."

She went in the bedroom and the completed Mem followed her out. They both sat on the couch. This ’Mem’ looked so real I got chills as he and Jill started kissing and feeling each other up. WTF? …was she going to have sex with him right here on the couch?

"Mem."….she said. "I like Doug too, and I want to get close to him, do you understand?" He nodded his head yes. "Go and be with ‘Fem’ while Doug and I get close." Mem stood up and went in the bedroom. "Does that answer your question Doug?

Phil and I created a female for Mem to be with. That’s who ’Fem’ is ‘Female Electronic Mate’. Phil and I had become very close, working on all the sex things….and yes, we had sex with each other because of the arousement of working on the robots. Designing my daddy and him designing me would get us so hot, we would go fuck like crazy in the back room….a…for test purposes only, of course….. "

"Fem…. put on that dress I like and then come out here." Jill said out loud.

  • Soon out came ‘Fem’. Jill had patterned her after herself, but with improvements with Phil’s help. Fem had long dark hair, no glasses, and nice big tits. She had on this beautiful blue evening gown on and came in and sat on the other side of me.

It was a strange feeling to have the real Jill on one side of me and a hotter copy on the other. Jill smiled and told me this:

"I’ve been wanting to talk to you Doug, so I guess now is the time. Fem has a final test and that is, to have sex with a human man. Would you be willing to have sex with her for the first time?"

  • She wanted me to test Fem out by me having sex with a robot? I had gained an interest in having sex with Jill, but this I had to think about. I sure didn’t want something to go wrong and have my cock damaged…..then she told me her plan.*

"Let’s go in my bedroom and have sex and I want Fem to watch and record our actions. Later you can have sex with Fem and compare the two of us."

  • Jill didn’t wait for an answer as she pushed me down on the couch….as Fem watched. Jill laid on top of me and this horny girl started in on me. This was great and having Fem watching our foreplay. Fem was getting aroused and looked like she was waiting for her turn….and she was. Jill didn’t wait for the bedroom, she started getting us naked right now. It had been a very long time since Jill wanted to have sex with me, and she was excited….and so was Fem. Fem started feeling her own big tits and rubbing her pussy. This just added to mine and Jill’s arousement. Jill would look back at Fem and smile. Jill dropped down and started licking my hardon. Fem started taking her dress off. *

Jill continues….

This was the test I had waited for.

I’ll continue now as I remembered back to the first time I had sex with Mem…..it was just like I had always pictured it would be like with my daddy. I continued with the very first sex with.… Mem.

__ ….he continued to lick my clit just like daddy did…the memories came flooding back to the pure raw pleasure of his gentle tongue. My pussy was alive with twitches and thrusts. Mem could read my actions and made it more intense. I had made his tongue long and do things daddy could never do with his. It was so intense I felt like asking him to let me catch my breath…but I couldn’t…… it just felt too good to stop.

Finally he knew it was time to get back on top of me….kissing my body all the way. I felt the perfect erection on my pussy, teasing it and darting the head in and out. I had to yell out with the euphoria I was feeling. "Daddy….do it now!" I moaned. I wrapped my legs around him and we blended together ….just right. The orgasms came fast as I squirmed to his thrusts …but this was just the beginning. He held me warm and tight as I felt a huge climax building fast….he seemed to know it and I….started to pass out from the ecstasy. His thrusts just touched bottom with each stroke…he had control and took me to high…you can’t remember all of it…. as your mind only can handle the pleasure.

My pussy clamped down on his erection as his and my moans told us it was here….

I remember the world seemed to stop as a huge flood of hot cum shot in my pussy…shot after shot after shot put tingles in me I can’t describe….oh Mem…you’re my new daddy.

My pussy pulsed all on it’s own…until I went weak with pleasure. Mem slowly kept thrusting me with even more pleasure. He finally stopped when I was to weak to respond back….oh my god he was perfect! We lay joined together all night. I would nap and wake up for more….

Fem had a problem. She had not been programmed to wait. She gently moved Jill out of the way and got on top of me. She was highly aroused and she didn’t know what ‘female rape’ was ether….not that I had any complaints. I had a horny ‘super Jill’ on top of me and she knew just how to make me so aroused, I felt like my balls were going to burst.

Jill said to Fem: "Share Fem", with that Fem moved over and now I had both of them working me over like the ultimate sex toy.

Jill thoughts…..

I had plans for Doug for all night. The test with Fem was going great so far….but I wanted Doug too. I decided to start off with oral sex with Doug. I got between his legs and it was just like with daddy. I was getting ready to go 69 with him when Fem was a step ahead of me. I looked up and she had her pussy over Doug’s face and he was loving it. I felt Doug’s erection and started jacking it as I sucked on his erection. Fem watched and was smiling. I rubbed my own clit as I heard Doug moan and his balls began to pull up. Fem started moaning as did I.

Doug exploded in my mouth….hot cum filled it as he thrust shot after shot. Fem started licking with me, her first taste of cum. We gave Doug a glorious blow job that he never forgot.

  • Those two just about made me lose my mind.

I was like have two Jill’s, one to lick and one to suck me off with Fem joining in. Jill got on top of me and put my erection in her. Fem stayed on my face as they felt each others tits. Jill orgasmed over and over and collapsed. I was working up another cum when I heard Fem say to Jill: "Share". Jill could hardly move as Fem helped her off of me. Fem got on her back and put her legs up. She pulled me to her and put my erection in her pussy. She adjusted and it was a perfect fit. She knew just how to move and our tongues were flying. Jill lay smiling beside us as we had our first fuck.

Fem did things with her pussy a real girl can’t do. It felt like a blow job and super hot fuck all in one. Her pussy massaged and jacked me as I fucked her. Jill did a great job programming her to perfection. Fem knew I was about to cum and her pussy went crazy fucking me. She held my butt cheeks and drained my erection till empty, moaning, kissing as I went to another world…

Jill got her ’all night’ plan and I almost lost my mind…..


Success!….just as I had hoped it would be. I made some minor adjustments on Fem so we could have great threesomes…..and yes …..foursomes. Now…I get to have sex with my daddy….

any time I want….

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