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    One of the best sites to find mods. The category section is on the right, half-way down the home page.

To decode the strings of random numbers and letters, use the Base64 Decoder


Site for downloading romhacks or obtaining tools and utilities for romhacking.


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How to install mods and cheats


  • Open the mod folder for your game by right clicking it and opening the mod directory.
  • Copy the mod into the mods folder
  • Open the game's properties by right-clicking it on your game list, and clicking "Properties", and enable the mod.

Note: Step 3 is only for Yuzu. Ryujinx automatically enables the mod.
Note 2: Make sure the file path is correct.
Example: 60fps/exefs/60fps.pchtxt
Note 3: Mods can be exefs or romfs. Exefs mods change game behavior like resolution or fps. Romfs mods change game assets like textures or models.


  • Open the mod folder for your game by right clicking it and opening the mod directory.
  • Create a new folder and name it after the cheat you're installing
  • Open the folder you just made, then make another one inside and name it cheats
  • Place the text file containing the cheat code inside this newest folder

Note: The text file must have the same name as the game's build ID.

If you want to share or talk about mods, you can do so in emulator specific channels.

We are always looking to expand the server's mod collection in the top post. If you find something we don't have, let us know and we'll add it.

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