🪶 JP&ID M.E.S. - Year 1 (August 22nd 2021- August 23rd 2022) 🪶

Self-explainatory: This is the list of all the collabs, M.E.S. and easter eggs with all the JPs and IDs during Mumei's first year (August 22nd 2021- August 23rd 2022)

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M.E.S. Seasons

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EN Year 1
JP & ID Year 1
Megacollabs Year 1
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JP&ID M.E.S. - Year 1 (August 22nd 2021- August 23rd 2022)


Mikkorone 24
Date Title Link Nature
2022-01-03 【#みっころね24】新春!!爆笑!!みっころね24時間ぶっ通し生放送2022🎍【後半】 Timestamp 10 seconds pre-recorded message during Mikkorone 24
Date Title Link Nature
2021-11-18 【Minecraft】みこちが上司なんて認めないもん!!!【#miComet】 Timestamp Easter egg - reaction of a gift left by Mumei during her second JP exploration tour.
Date Title Link Nature
2022-08-12 【 RUST 】RUSTでLet's Hololive Summer☀🌊 Timestamp Short game and Vchat Interactions - complementory to Mumei's own stream
Date Title Link Nature
2022-08-16 【#ホロ鯖RUST】農業…遺伝子…G…Y…ウッ…Wぅぅぅぅ。。 Cameo 1 & Cameo 2 - Additional timestamp regarding Mumei's version of her using the boat Cameos form afar - confirmed by Mumei in a later stream
Date Title Link Nature
2022-08-12 【RUST】ゆるく素材集めとかする朝配信 Timestamp Short appearance and Vchat interactions
Date Title Link Nature
2022-01-18 [MINECRAFT] LET'S GOOOOOO!!! MUM&BAE&CHAMA!!! Link Collab with Bae
2022-03-25 【えちえち】はあちゃま好みの下着鑑賞会!【ホロライブ/赤井はあと】 Timestamp Easter Egg - Ecchi doodle of Mumei - prelude of the College Girls War angle.
2022-03-27 【REDDIT SHITPOST REVIEW】IT'S TIME TO DO IT...!! Complete stream / Timestamp #1 Timestamp #2 - Timestamp #3 Multiple segments involving Mumei during the Reddit Shitposting Review stream effectively starting the College Girls War angle.
2022-03-30 【マリオカート8DX】新コースでたって!?いくっきゃねーよな!!!【ホロライブ/はあちゃま】 Timestamp Easter Egg - follow-up of Mumei's Ha stream
2022-04-02 【Minecraft】癒しのおやすみマイクラっ!【ホロライブ/赤井はあと】 Link Haachama building the College Girls Treehouse (latest development of the College Girls War)
2022-05-17 【Minecraft】か○なたんにドッキリ作戦・・・!?【ホロライブ/はあちゃま】 Timestamp Chat interactions with Kronii and Haachama
2022-05-22 【DIY選手権】ガチ勢すぎてやばすぎ・・・!? Mumei felt plushie. & the Taranchama robot Easter eggs - DIY figure of Mumei and footage of a robot toy of the Taranchama drawn by Mumei.
2022-05-25 【悲報】はあちゃま、修羅場すぎてやばい・・・!!!【ホロライブ/はあちゃま】 Link Easter egg : Plans of Haachama for a future stream (reverse totsu) following a discord prank to different Hololive members (JPs & ENs). Context about Mumei's involvement
2022-05-26 ホロメンにガチ恋ドッキリ仕掛けてみた・・・!【ホロライブ/はあちゃま】 Timestamp Easter egg : Timestamp of Haachama's second stream (plans for the reverse totsu on June 1st).
2022-06-05 【周年リベンジ】6/7決定!~編集終わるまで耐久配信~【ホロライブ/はあちゃま】 Timestamp Easter egg : Timestamp for the editing process of Mumei's part for the upcoming 4th anniversary - Might contain spoilers.
2022-06-07 【同時視聴枠】ついに・・・!#はあちゃま4周年 がやってきた!!!【ホロライブ/赤井はあと】 Entire stream & timestamp Watchalong of the 4th anniversary segmented collab - complementary to the collab video
2022-06-07 【#はあちゃま4周年】最強アイドルになるべく、四天王に挑む・・・!【ホロライブ/赤井はあと】 Entire stream & timestamp 4th anniversary segmented collab with Nenechi, AZKi, Noel and several other guests.
Date Title Link Nature
2022-05-14 【Apex】新シーズン初プレイ!寝起きAPEX⚡【ホロライブ/癒月ちょこ】 Timestamp Impromptu collab with Bae, joining them late
Date Title Link Nature
2022-04-16 【#生スバル】おはすば!スバル:FREE TALK【ホロライブ/大空スバル Timestamp Easter egg - mention of the HoloTori collab and more specifically about Mumei during a Free Talk stream
Date Title Link Nature
2022-01-31 【 #朝ミオ 】1月最後の朝ミオ!あっという間の年始だった・・ Timestamp Easter egg - mention of the Natto ASMR in Mio's News Review stream
Date Title Link Nature
2022-08-17 【RUST】楽しいギャンブルの時間!家が風化する前に素材も集めたい! Timestamp Interactions - complementary to Mumei's own POV
Date Title Link Nature
2022-05-15 【APEX】むめいとべーちゃんとあそぶ【常闇トワ/ホロライブ】 Link Interbranch collab with Bae
2022-07-14 【OverWatch2】passion ENGLISH IKUZZZOOOOOOOOOOOO【常闇トワ/ホロライブ】 Link Interbranch collab with Ame - complementary to Mumei's own POV
2022-08-19 【#トワとムメイの仲良くなりたい!】第一回:自己紹介の単語を覚えよう!/Let's learn some vocabulary for our introduction!【常闇トワ・七詩ムメイ】 Link Collab
2022-08-20 【APEX】zetaとmumeiとtowasama【常闇トワ/ホロライブ】 Link Interbranch collab with Zeta
2022-08-20 【Minecraft】競馬場作る!その2【常闇トワ/ホロライブ】 Source & a clip Explaination of why the recent collabs involving Mumei and Towa happened - Mumei reached out Towa and basically bruteforced the language barrier by communicating via DeepL over discord. An anon on /who/ posted: 'She talks about Mumei until about 2:02:00, basically says that Mumei is the one who invited her to play overwatch 2 originally because they both like fps games. and it's ok if there is a language barrier because they can communicate through the game or use deepl. She wants to learn a little more English slowly so she can communicate with mumei while playing games so they are going to do a study collab soon (the one that just happened). And then she says that after their last collab for a couple hours they stayed up and chatted about various things using deepl'
Date Title Link Nature
2021-12-15 【Minecraft】さむすぎる雑談マイクラ【尾丸ポルカ/ホロライブ】 Timestamp Easter egg - reaction of a gift left by Mumei during her second JP exploration tour.
Date Title Link Nature
2022-02-13 【Minecraft】EN鯖に突入だ~~~~~~~~!!!! Link Collab with Bae & Chloe - complementary to Mumei's own POV
2022-03-26 【Japanese Lesson】ルイ先生の日本語講座 ~生徒さん:ムメイちゃん~【鷹嶺ルイ/ホロライブ】 Link Collab
2022-06-11 【Birthday Party‼】EN&ID限定凸!沢山お祝いしてもらうよ~♡ Timestamp Call during Lui's Birthday totsu stream (timestamp)
Date Title Link Nature
2022-02-13 【Minecraft】EN鯖の初観光!英語で会話できるかな!?Hakos senpai and Mumei senpai yorosiku desu Link Collab with Bae & Lui - complementary to Mumei's own POV
Date Title Link Nature
2022-03-19 【朝こよ#32】はろ~ぼ~!ロボ子先輩がゲストだよ~!!【博衣こより/ホロライブ】 Timestamp Easter egg - Mention the Mumei draws Hololive (part I) in Koyori's News Radio stream - note : Roboco was also present during the stream
2022-06-27 【#朝こよ】60回目の朝こよ~!火曜日だよ~!!Redditも仕入れてきた✌ #60 Timestamp Easter egg - Segment about Mumei's own character run of the first HoloCure stream
2022-07-18 【#朝こよ】〇〇〇を食べた…!?火曜日のおはこよ~! #66【博衣こより/ホロライブ】 Timestamp Easter egg - Segment about Mumei's drawing of Marine


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Date Title Link Nature
2021-10-13 【#HOLL13DAY2021】OLLIE'S DEADllie FUN TOTSUMACHI//CALL-INS!!【Hololive Indonesia 2nd Gen】 Timestamp Call-in during Ollie's Birthday (Timestamp)
2022-03-18 WOULD YOU HIT OLLIE FOR A MILLION DOLLARS? Timestamp Cameo (Timestamp)
2022-05-13 【DRAWING】I'M NOT SURE WHAT I WANT TO DRAW YET Timestamp Easter egg - drawing (Timestamp)
Date Title Link Nature
2022-02-22 【Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics】Brown-Haired Girls Team Playing Some Games!~ Link Collab
2022-03-12 【2022 Birthday Call-Ins】Who's gonna caaaaall? 誕生日スペシャル!初凸待ち〜!! Timestamp Call-in during Anya's Birthday Totsu (Timestamp)
2022-04-03 【ARK】S U R V I V A L 3人でサバイバル〜!!! Link Collab with Iroha & Aki
Date Title Link Nature
2021-08-25 【Drawing】Drawing the Newest Holobird Mumei Link Easter egg - drawing
2021-11-13 【Drawing & Talking】Maybe not so much talking Timestamp Easter egg - doodle
2022-02- 03 【Minecraft】(JP/EN server) bird Link Collab - Complementary to Mumei's own POV.
Date Title Link Nature
2022-04-09 【PASSPARTOUT】totally not cursed wow Timestamp Easter egg - drawing Nightmare
2022-05-07 【PARTY PANIC】i love chaos & panic【Zeta, Kaela, Mumei, Kronii】 Link Collab with Kronii and Kaela
2022-05-17 【DRAWING】normal doodles with mumei :D Link Collab
2022-08-12 『APEX』New season! RANK GRIND!!! 1st entrance & 2nd entrance Collab with Ollie
2022-08-15 『RUST』House doko? Entrance Interactions
2022-08-17 『RUST』Friendship doko? Timestamp Interactions with Kaela - Complementary to Mumei's own POV
2022-08-20 『APEX』passion pew pew w/ Towa & Mumei Link Interbranch collab with Towa
Date Title Link Nature
2022-05-07 【PARTY PANIC】keep calm yet panic【Kaela / Zeta / Kronii / Mumei 】 Link Collab with Kronii and Zeta
2022-08-17 【Rust】#5 i need stones Sequence with Moona & Gambling sequence and joined later by Zeta Interactions with Moona & Zeta - Complementary to Mumei's own POV [1][2]
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